It’s the time of year where your fantasy league has been renewed, and you need pick a name for your team. The days of naming your team the Cincinnati Crushers are over. You need to get creative with your team names nowadays, and there are already 3 other teams in your league calling themselves, “Show Me Your TDs”. Don’t worry, Breaking Football is here to help. Earlier this week, we gave you some Game of Thrones and James Bond themed team names, and we’ll be compiling names for several different themes as the season gets closer. Today I’m presenting our list of SNL fantasy team names. See all of our fantasy team names here.

Saturday Night Live has been knitting itself into the fabric of the proverbial American sweater since 1975. Its best sketches have intertwined themselves into our vernacular. Over the years, SNL has become, and still remains an icon of American television. Even though the show has been stuck in a lull for much of the last decade, SNL still produces plenty of memorable skits, and continues to launch careers. The internet age has helped. Those who don’t watch the show on Saturday will still see the best sketches when they go viral the next day.  With over 40 years of sketch comedy, the show has produced hundreds of indelible sketches that are still being quoted to this day.

Those sketches could make for some great fantasy football team names, so let’s give it a try. Here is a list of our Saturday Night Live themed fantasy football team names:

    – Oops I Crabtreed My Pants

    – Nicks in a Box

    – My Pick in a Mock

    – Eric Deck in a Box

    – Van Down By Phil Rivers

    – 2 Wild and Crabtree Guys

    – Josh MacGruber

    – Montee’s Schweddy Balls

    – The Ken is Wrightier

    – Lay Off Me I’m Harvin

    – Debbie McCowner

    – Turd Roethlisberguson

    – Gotta Have McCownbell

    – Going To Pump Helu Up

    – Reggie Wayne’s World

    – Gron Kowski’s a Sonofabitch

    – Wright at the Roxbury

    – Stefon Ridley

    – Baby Don’t Ertz Me

Got some SNL themed fantasy football team names of your own? Let us hear them in the comments below!

*Photo Credit – NBC

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