Ok so now there are many moves being made today. So let’s not waste time. Here are some of the big moves thus far.

Andrew Whitworth to the Rams:

The deal is for three years, $36 million, with $15 million guaranteed. The 35-year-old LT is leaving Cincinnati, where he spent his whole career thus far, and is heading out west. Whitworth has always been the leader of the Bengals O-Line. He has grown as a player, and has reached the point where he is the player to build your O-Line around. By putting him on the line with the faltering Rams does add stability to them.

I am from the Cincinnati area. Yes, the Packers are my number one team, but I have always loved the Bengals as well. Whitworth has been a consistent member of the O-Line. I like to equate him to Anthony Munoz. Obviously, that is a bit of a stretch, as Munoz is one of, if not the, greatest O-Linemen of all time. But Whitworth has been great as well. He is not only a star on the field, but also a star in the community. You would always see him interacting with fans, taking time to say hi, and generally being a great guy. Watching him leave is sad, but I look at this as a good opportunity for him.

Why this is good for the Rams: As stated, the Rams O-Line needs help. They are young, inexperienced, and lack leadership. Whitworth brings experience and leadership. He will take these young linemen, and get them in line. While the Rams need A LOT OF HELP, adding Whit gives them some help. Now the Rams are far from set, but getting a veteran LT will help. Also, he can help Goff by keeping him calm.

Why this is good for the Bengals: Losing that leadership is sad, but now it is time for another O-Linemen to step up in the leadership role. This hurts the Bengals a little bit, but they will bounce back from this. The Bengals offensive strength is in the passing game (obviously), so the focus is filling that LT spot. But the Bengals are still contenders in a tough AFC North division, so don’t expect this to hurt too much.

Mike Glennon to the Bears:

QB Mike Glennon is going to the Chicago Bears. The deal is for three years, and will be for 45 million.

Obviously, Glennon is going to be starting for the Bears next season. Some quick stats: Glennon has thrown for 4,100 yards, 30 TDs, and 15 interceptions. Now, don’t expect Glennon to bring any hope to the Bears. Remember, the Bears are still a struggling team. If anything, Glennon will be there to help any rookies they draft get ready to start. Glennon is 27-years-old. He has plenty of time left in his career. I don’t expect him to make a huge impact for the Bears, but he will make a decent impression at the least.

Kenny Britt to Cleveland:

WR Kenny Britt is leaving the Rams, and heading to the Browns. The deal is worth $32.5 million for four years.

Britt is a decent WR, but not really a top guy. Moving from the Rams to the Browns is basically a lateral move. Britt is going to replace Pryor, but to be fair, Pryor wasn’t a stand out until last season in Cleveland. Don’t expect Britt to make a huge impact in Cleveland. It’s Cleveland. They have been rebuilding since the team reformed in the late 90s/early 00s. But, Britt does bring speed to the Browns, as well as a desire to improve. So expect it to be a slow return for the Browns.

Why this is good for the Rams: Moving on from Britt gives the Rams a chance to develop new talent. With the draft upcoming, as well as signing Robert Woods, the Rams can now get that number one guy. The Rams and the Browns are basically the same. Neither team has what it takes to be great yet. However, moving on from Britt is a step in the right direction.

Why this works for the Browns: While Pryor wasn’t outstanding in Cleveland, he was still the number one guy there. Britt will take that place now. Again, in my opinion, Britt is not meant to be a number one guy, but he has been thrust into that role. If the Browns want to succeed, they need to develop Britt into an outstanding player. That is easier said than done. But, Britt can be a great building block for the Browns.

Robert Woods Fills in for Kenny Britt:

WR Robert Woods is going to the Rams. The deal is worth $39 million for five years. $15 million is guaranteed.

Robert Woods fills the gap that Kenny Britt left. Woods is a good WR, and putting him with the Rams will make him the number one guy. Now having Woods still doesn’t fix the Rams problems, but having him, Gurley, Goff, and Whit on the same side of the ball is moving in the right direction.

Torrey Smith Heads to the Eagles:

WR Torrey Smith is leaving the Niners and moving to Philly. The deal is worth $15 million for three years.

The Eagles don’t really have a top WR. Are you noticing a trend here? Torrey Smith will be filling that position. Smith has had good production in SF, and will bring that speed to Philly. Wentz will have a solid target now, which he desperately needed last season. Desean Jackson is going to the Bucs (more on that later), so getting Smith is still a win for Philly. The Eagles passing game has struggled since the departure of Jackson. Smith fills the gap, and will bring veteran leadership as well. This is a good sign for the Eagles.


About The Author Patrick Cheesman

Patrick is a lifelong football fan. Born in the Cincinnati area, he loves the Bengals, but his absolute favorite team is the Packers. Patrick represents Breaking Football as a news and info correspondent.