It’s the time of year where your fantasy league has been renewed, and you need pick a name for your team. The days of naming your team the Cincinnati Crushers are over. You need to get creative with your team names nowadays, and there are already 3 other teams in your league calling themselves, “Show Me Your TDs”. Don’t worry, Breaking Football is here to help. Last week, we gave you some Game of Thrones and Thor themed team names, and we’ll be compiling names for several different themes as the season gets closer. Today I’m presenting our list of Fargo related fantasy team names. See all of our fantasy team names here.

The Coen Brothers released the movie, “Fargo” 18 years ago, and it immediately took root in Americana. The Coen Brothers then turned the hit movie into a TV series, with the first season airing on FX this Spring. The television show was as great as the movie, receiving 18 emmy nominations, including a very well-deserved nomination of Allison Tolman for best supporting actress, and being renewed for a second season which will feature a mostly new cast.

Our motto* here at Breaking Football is, “We put the ‘Ya der hey,’ in Fantasy Football.” So, living up to our word, here is our list of Fargo (movie and tv series) fantasy football team names for you:

  •   Don’t Cha Bowe
  •   Giovani Berdarn Tootin!
  •   Woodhead Chipper
  •   Frank Gorne Malvo
  •   Gio Lester BerNygaard
  •   Fargolden Tate
  •   Spiller Needs A Jump
  •  That’s White A Pickle
  •  For Peterson’s Sake
  •  Aw Heck-um Jr.
  • Fargore, North Ditka
  • Joe McNygaard

Got some Fargo themed fantasy football team names of your own? Let us hear them in the comments below!

*Photo Credit – IGN

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