It’s the third round of your fantasy football draft, you already have a stud running back and wide receiver locked down and you’re looking for a quarterback. Andrew Luck and Matthew Stafford are both on the board. Both have great upside, but who’s going to carry you to the promised land? Keep reading to find out:

The Case For Andrew Luck:

A (hopefully) much improved receiving corps. Reggie Wayne missed nine games last season so simply having him back and healthy will be huge. T.Y. Hilton is a rising star, and the Colts also added the extremely talented, but always injured, Hakeem Nicks in the offseason. If he stays healthy, that’s a pretty good trio. Perhaps the biggest reason to draft Luck though, is Luck himself. He’s a flat out stud and is only getting better and better. He was a top-5 fantasy quarterback last season and it’s hard to find a reason why he would regress.

The Case Against Andrew Luck:

Wayne is too old and Nicks lives up to his reputation. Oh, look, I found a reason. But now my snarky comment comes to a grinding halt because that’s really it.

The Case For Matthew Stafford:

It’s hard to bet against a buy who gets to throw to Calvin Johnson every play. This linebacker is charging straight at me and Calvin Johnson is triple teamed downfield? Perfect, let’s chuck him the ball! Touchdown Lions! That was basically the game plan in Detroit for the past few years. Even more fortunate for Stafford is that he now has Golden Tate to throw the ball to. Tate is one of the best vertical, down the field ball-catchers in the league — that should help Stafford tremendously.

The Case Against Matthew Stafford:

Jim Schwartz is gone, so the Lions probably won’t be as pass happy as they were in the past. Stafford has never been particularly good at protecting the ball either, so expect quite a bit of interceptions if you draft him.


I suppose it depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for straight up, who’s going to put up more fantasy points, then go with Stafford. If you’re looking for the best return on your investment, then my pick is Luck. I think these guys will produce almost identical numbers in 2014, but you’ll be able to pick up Luck a handful of picks later than Stafford.

*Photo credit – Marianne O’Leary via Wiki Commons.

About The Author David Rose

David has had a lifelong love affair with the San Francisco 49ers, pretending to be Jerry Rice hauling in passes from his dad in the driveway from a young age. Loyal through the Tim Rattay, Ken Dorsey, and Shaun Hill years, he hopes everyday that Colin Kaepernick can return his team to the glorious 80s and 90s.