So, Percy Harvin has been traded to the New York Jets. That’s weird. It’s probably a pretty big bummer for Harvin, as he goes from a Super Bowl winner and contender to, well, the freaking Jets. They’re 1-6. That sucks. Equally bad is the fact that you may have been relying on Harvin for week seven production in fantasy football. If you may have noticed, you’re not going to get it.

With the Jets trading for Harvin and already having played last night, he’ll sit out week seven, which means he’ll only get you 15 games (max) for 2014. Naturally, if you’re on the hunt suddenly for a Harvin replacement, you can consult our look at the week 7 waiver wire. For the actual impact of this trade, let’s break down how this may effect both the Jets and Seahawks in fantasy football:

Seahawks Impact

Fantasy-wise, it’s less than you think. Harvin only had 22 catches this year and Seattle just doesn’t throw the ball that much. Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse are suddenly weekly WR3 fliers, but that’s not anything to get excited about. If anything, you’re keeping an eye on rookie speed demon Paul Richardson, who can basically be a variation of Harvin, yet possibly even faster.

Obviously Baldwin and Kearse are now much more usable in the fantasy realm, but Harvin had value because he was Percy Harvin, not because he was a wide receiver on the damn Seahawks. This is a wait and see situation, but the very best we can hope for is one of these guys being Golden Tate of a year ago. My bet is on Kearse, but that still makes him largely a WR3. It’s nothing to rush to the waiver wire over.

Jets Impact

Harvin heads to the Big Apple, where he should understandably see a bigger role, overall. New York’s offense has been pretty meh so far in 2014, so they can really use a versatile weapon like Harvin. His contract isn’t guaranteed beyond this year, so there’s little reason to think they won’t use him as much as possible and get whatever they can out of him. For a 1-6 club, it’s anyone’s guess exactly what that will be, but Harvin was already a borderline WR3 in any given week, so he naturally has to carry more upside going into week eight (he’s not playing this week).

This probably helps Eric Decker a bit, and should get him open more down the field. It probably doesn’t help rookie tight end Jace Amaro or slot weapon Jeremy Kerley, though. Harvin should eat into their targets.

The person this helps the most, of course, is going to be Geno Smith. At his best, Harvin is a versatile weapon that can kill defenses in three ways, one of which being catching short passes and taking them the distance. That mere threat can help open things up and could allow Smith to improve as the season goes on. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can or should start buying Geno Smith stock.

Truth be told, the only Jets offensive players you should be owning right now are Chris Ivory, Eric Decker and now Harvin.


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