It seems safe to say that the John Fox era in Chicago is off to a prettay, prettay rocky start. They’re 0-3, having been bashed fairly easily in each game, and have already had to deal with injuries to players at prime positions. Jay Cutler is out for a while, and Alshon Jeffery has been dealing with a hamstring issue for the last several months. Jeffery has missed each of the last two games since being very limited in Week 1, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter says he’s set to return to the Bears this week.

Chicago takes on the surprising 2-1 Raiders this week. Normally, you can mark down a game with the Raiders as one to exploit for fantasy purposes, but this year? Perhaps that’s not the case. Might the Raiders actually be…kinda good?

It’s also tough to get overly excited for Jeffery’s return considering he’s going to be trying to catch passes thrown by the horrendous Jimmy Clausen. The Bears’ offense really couldn’t have played any worse than it did during Sunday’s 26-0 blanking in Seattle, amassing 146 total yards with seven first downs. Clausen completed 9-of-17 passes for 63 yards with no TDs and no INTs. That’s a passer rating of 61.6, everyone.

Of course, having Jeffery back on the field should help, just by virtue of giving Clausen a huge, athletic target at which to throw. Still, though, as long as Clausen is under center, it’s hard to imagine Jeffery being anything better than a WR2, and even that may be a bit generous. Jay Cutler isn’t great, either, but he’s a hell of a lot more suited to be playing NFL football than Jimmy Clausen.

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