No one hates a productive fantasy football sleeper. If I call a guy is going to go nuts and you use him and win your game/league or some cash, you’re probably going to thank me. You’re not going out of your way to do it. Heck, you might not email me or Tweet me, either. But in mind, you’ll give me a nod and say, “Kevin, by garsh you were right”.

Last week didn’t bring much of that. But hey, it’s onward and upward here at Breaking Football, mostly because week three was the saddest, sackiest week of fantasy football yet. I remember better times when fantasy football was much more logical – dare I say more predictable. I’m all for a little craziness here and there, but this 2014 season is taking the cake.

I’m hoping things start to even back out in week four, and if they do, I could be right on several key fantasy sleepers. Keenan Allen is one of them. He hasn’t done jack and is a little nicked up, but in his fourth game of the freaking season, if he can’t destroy the Jacksonville Jaguars, well, I just don’t know when he’ll do anything.

He’s not my only sleeper, either. has this sweet tool that takes my week 4 player rankings and twists them in such a way that DFS fantasy football gamers can see how they translate to weekly fantasy sites like Draft Kings. If you’re a vet, you probably don’t need my help. But if you are a newbie, this is a good place to get your feet wet:

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