Well week one has come and gone, and it was a wild one for fantasy football owners. A lot of tight ends went off, a lot of stars underwhelmed, and for once it really didn’t seem like any player came out of obscurity to dominate.

After examining all of the games from this weekend carefully I’ve compiled a list of players worth buying low, and players you should sell high before week two begins. Also, for the second week in a row, anyone and everyone can enter DraftKings’ $100k fantasy football free roll. Whether you’ve signed up at DK or not, hit the banner below and you get a shot at $10,000 in first place. Not sure what you’re waiting on. Anyways, on with the week two buy or sell report:


Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit Lions

Let’s face it, if you’ve had Megatron on your team last year and this year you probably disagree with me on this one. Calvin Johnson has been down right bad and has hurt people’s fantasy teams drastically. Which is why his value is the lowest it will probably ever be right now. I’d consider dumping off one solid potential player and a decent current value player for Megatron, and if I was on the receiving end of an offer like that I would certainly consider it.

Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings

Like Calvin Johnson Peterson’s value after a terrible week one is the lowest it’s been in his whole career. Maybe he just had some rust from missing a year of action, and maybe the 49’ers run defense is better than they are being given credit for. Their new head coach is the 9’ers former defensive line coach after all. People that picked Peterson expecting the old Peterson might be freaking out right now, making them vulnerable to trading away the former MVP.

Sam Bradford, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

Bradford looked terrible in the first half of the game on Monday night, but in the second half it seemed like Bradford could do no wrong. People looking at his final stats were probably unimpressed with how Bradford scored for their fantasy team, but if you actually watched the game it was increasingly obvious that Bradford has serious fantasy potential

Greg Olsen, TE, Carolina Panthers

Oh man Olsen hurt me big time this week. Especially with so many other tight ends going off. Chances are there are a bunch of tight ends on your waiver wire that outscored Olsen, which is why people who own Olsen will be looking to get a new tight end off the waiver wire. This all lowers Olsen’s value in the eyes of the average fantasy owner, but the reality is that Olsen is the number one target in Carolina, and is primed for a big year regardless of how lackluster his week one was.

O’Dell Beckham, WR, New York Giants

It was a rough week for me in my one league where I had both Calvin Johnson and O’Dell Beckham starting. But the reality is that O’Dell still has superstar potential. Especially as the year carries on and Victor Cruz finally works back into the teams lineup. As it is right now teams are disrespecting the rest of the Giants and really focusing on Beckham. But as soon as those plans start failing Beckham should return to similar glory that he received last year.


Marcus Mariota, QB, Tennessee Titans

Mariota looked amazing in week one, but the reality is he was playing against the worst team in football. As the year goes on and more tape of Mariota is available to study I believe he will find less and less success. This may be the highest value Mariota will have all year. If I had him I would definitely look to sell high right now!

Carlos Hyde, RB, San Francisco 49ers

Hyde had the best week one of any running back. But I’m not sold on him by any means. One good game against a below average team doesn’t mean he will be a stud all year. Especially playing against tough defenses like Seattle, St. Louis, and Arizona. Right now Hyde could be sold for a kings ransom, and if I had bothered drafting him in any leagues that is exactly what I would be trying to do right now.

DeAngelo Williams, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Williams was huge last week, and this week should be his last as a starter for the season. If I were trying to deal Williams I would look for a team with a bad running back situation and simply look for a one-for-one type of trade. Once Bell is back after this week Williams value will plummet, so sell now!

Kendall Wright, WR, Tennessee Titans

Once again, like Mariota, Wright was able to benefit from playing against the worst team in football. Like Mariota as well, Wrights value is primed to drop as the season goes on. AS Mariota becomes less and less effective so will his receivers. The only guy I really want to own on Tennessee is Delanie Walker.

Bishop Sankey, RB, Tennessee Titans

Not trying to be a Tennessee basher, but the fact is that Tennessee had an amazing week one, and I really don’t see them continuing to find success like that. So consequently I believe that all these Tennessee players that had a hot week one, are primed to regress as the season goes on. Also with a crowded backfield and a lack of respect for the passing game it’ll be hard to maintain solid stats.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. Sorry if you are a Titans fan. You guys certainly have potential.

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