Oh, Arian Foster, why must you torment me?! After concluding two consecutive seasons where he was unable to play a full 16 game schedule Foster of course injures himself in training camp. Initial reports were saying that he would miss three to six months due to his groin injury, but news lately has been that in a best case scenario Foster would only miss four games. Anyone who is a long time fantasy football player knows not to get their hopes up for a best case scenario, but still, it’s hard not to feel a little optimistic about Foster’s progress.

Foster’s current ADP according to fantasypros.com is 58th. Even if Foster was back after a best case scenario four weeks that ADP seems a touch high. I actually drafted Foster in a 12 man PPR league last night, but I took him 76th overall. Really anything after the 65th pick you should consider taking Foster as he is worth the potential upside. Consider that Foster only played 13 games last season and still finished 23rd amongst ALL fantasy football players. If Foster really only misses four games like his best case scenario indicates, then it is very conceivable that he could put up some gigantic numbers.

Even if Foster misses half the season (which is a serious possibility) when he does return it seems very likely that he will be a true RB1 option for the remainder of the season. As I said earlier Foster is liable to get injured every year. But the difference between Foster and other injury liabilities is that whenever Foster does get on the field HE PRODUCES!

So, ultimately it comes down to how you feel and how your team is shaping up. Obviously if you are going to use a 6th round pick on Foster you better make sure that your running back situation is settled in the first five rounds. If your top two running backs are Le’Veon Bell and LeSean McCoy, you may want to rethink taking Foster as your RB3 (since both Bell and McCoy are sure to miss playing time this year). But if you’ve got some people you can rely on at RB then Foster is definitely worth consideration, as his upside potential could really put your fantasy team over the top in the back half of the fantasy season.

What do you think about Foster this year? Let us know in the comments!

About The Author Joel Empey

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