Your regular fantasy football season is over. Now it’s to the daily fantasy football scene, or you’re just enjoying playoff football. So, yeah, you’re playing DFS now. Or you already were.

Either way, you’re in for a change of scenery, as even if you were a part of the 17-week grind, the player pool shrinks down so much that everyone is in for a bit of a culture shock. Oh, and this is playoff football, so defensive intensity and home field adantage can throw everything you think you know right out the window.

We have to rely on what’s been laid out for us to a certain degree, but it’s still hard to envision any explosive, high-scoring games out of this first round. Picking the winners is even pretty difficult, as every single team in the Wild Card round of the playoffs has some type of glaring issue.

A quick run-over shows the Redskins are an up and down 9-7 team, ditto for the 9-7 Texans, the Bengals could be without their starting quarterback, the Steelers could be without their top running back, the Vikings are one-dimensional, Green Bay has been in sharp regression, and as hot as the Chiefs are, they could still go “all Chiefs” on us. Seattle is the only team that feels truly elite out of this bunch, but hey its the playoffs, so who knows?

We’re doing the best we can, just like you, so if you need a little extra help, pilfer through our logic and rankings for the first round of the NFL playoffs:

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