The Indianapolis Colts are probably the favorite to win the AFC in 2015. Not only are they the favorite to win the AFC this season, but they also have a number of fantasy football studs on their roster that can help you to a title this season. I’m here to help you decide between the duds and the studs. Let’s get to it:


First things first, the whole reason the Colts are the AFC’s top contender is because of Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck is a brilliant master of football and the quarterback position. As far as potential fantasy quarterbacks go Luck is undoubtedly in the top two of the position. The only other player that could be construed as better than Luck is Aaron Rodgers. For me, personally, I actually like Luck better as he has proven his durability time and time again. Luck’s durability, mixed with his athleticism and his arm strength, makes him the most valuable quarterback in fantasy football. Luck is a true QB1 in every sense of the word.


Frank Gore is the only real option the Colts have to offer for your fantasy running back position. Gore is one of those players that every year, people expect to fall off. But he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down the last couple of years. Over the last four seasons Gore has played every game, and has rushed for over 1,000 yards in each of those seasons. Gore did this on a San Francisco team that everyone knew was trying to run the ball. Last season Gore faced more eight man boxes than any other running back but still managed 4.3 yards per game. Gore stands to gain a tremendous advantage by playing with Andrew Luck as his quarterback, and will probably now face the least amount of eight man defensive boxes this season. I expect Gore to rush for over 1200 yards this season, and to see more receptions and receiving yards than ever before. Frank Gore’s average draft position is as the 15th best running back, and that is probably a fairly accurate spot.


T.Y. Hilton and Andre Johnson are both solid wide receiver targets for fantasy football. Hilton is a legit WR1 and Johnson should be considered a legit WR2 for your fantasy team. Donte Moncrief can also be considered a fantasy option, but he is someone you would want to draft to your bench and monitor him to see if he heats up. Moncrief could potentially work into your wide receiver lineup if Johnson or Hilton get injured, or if Luck and him just get on the same page. People who are concerned Johnson is too old, and is a liability to bring on your team just consider that Johnson has only missed one game over the last three years. In that three year time frame Johnson also had 3,941 yards receiving, and that is with a Houston Texans quarterback throwing him the ball. A far cry from the great Andrew Luck.


The Colts have the trickiest tight end situation to evaluate in the NFL. Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener both take just enough targets from the other one that it is difficult to start either as your fantasy tight end. Especially this season as the Colts figure to run a lot of three and four wide receiver sets. Fleener’s play time will be cut by a large chunk, but Allen will still see enough snaps because he is used as a blocker a lot. Because of Allen’s usefulness as a blocker he figures to get a lot more red zone snaps then Fleener, which consequently means he will have a lot more opportunities for touchdown receptions. All in all I’d consider drafting either of these guys as my TE2, but I’d be nervous to pick either of them to start for me.


Once again Adam Vinateiri is a tier one fantasy kicker. The 42 year old is just as accurate and reliable as ever. Playing in a high powered offense that can score a lot is great for Vinateiri’s value. The offense he plays in, combined with his accuracy (he only missed one kick last year), and the division he plays in (the AFC South) make for a great situation for the 42 year old kicker. I’d probably take him as the second kicker drafted if I had the draft position.


The Colts defense as a fantasy unit is not a great option. The Colts were very average last year in rushing defense. Against certain teams the Colts could be a spot starter for your fantasy team. Their best defense will be their offense running up the score and forcing teams to be one dimensional in their approach against the Colts defense.

What do you think of the Colts fantasy outlook this season? Do you agree with my critiques, or have any clarifying questions about any of the players I mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

About The Author Joel Empey

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