Of all the disappointments in fantasy football so far this season, do any compare to Andrew Luck? At least not at the quarterback position.

After a tremendous 2014 campaign where he threw for 40 TDs and over 4,700 yards, Luck was widely thought of as the top QB for the 2015 fantasy season. Already with T.Y. Hilton, Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen, the Colts loaded even more into the passing game when they signed Andre Johnson and drafted Philip Dorsett in the 1st round this past offseason. The expectations were through the roof for Luck and the Colts passing game.

As it has played out, Luck hasn’t been close to meeting expectations. He leads the league with 7 interceptions, despite missing the past two games with a shoulder injury; the first time he has missed a game in his career. His 30.9 QBR is less than half of what he had last season. He has only completed 56% of his passes and averages just over 250 passing yards per game.

For those of you who were like myself, I picked up Luck very early in my fantasy draft with the mentality that he would post huge fantasy numbers week after week. With how it’s played out, you must be second guessing yourself and even considering whether or not you should keep him.

The way I think about it, he can’t get any worse, right? While he hasn’t displayed it yet this season, Luck has tremendous ability and talent, he’s just bound to turn it around at some point this season, and I would think sooner rather than later. If Matt Hasselbeck can put up solid performances, just think what Luck can do.

Not only do I think you should keep Luck because he will turn it around in the next week or two, but you don’t want to try and work a trade when a player’s value is at an all-time low. In fantasy football, you buy low and sell high, not the other way around. At this point, you’d be lucky to come away with a pack of gum and a hot dog for Luck. Luck’s upside is far superior than anything you’d get in return.

I know his play has been extremely frustrating so far this year, but just be patient. Luck will turn it around in a big way. He’s already had 2 weeks to sit on the bench and re-evaluate his approach to the 2015 season, plus another long week heading into week 6. He’ll have a lot to prove when he returns next week against the Patriots on Sunday Night Football.

About The Author Jonathan Valencia

The Editor-in-Chief of Breaking Football, Jonathan has been an amateur NFL Draft evaluator for nearly the past five years. He prides himself on producing extensive, informative content. Follow him on Twitter @JonValenciaBF for fresh draft takes and GIF analysis of draft prospects. Born and raised in the Jersey Shore area, Jonathan now resides in Washington state with his wife.