Last week was supposed to be an unleashing of sorts for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. They had an entire week off to plot the misery of the hapless Dallas Cowboys. The Pats still won pretty easily and Brady and co. were fine enough, but it wasn’t the demolition we expected.

It wasn’t the brutality we deserve.

Perhaps they were saving it up for week six, when they’ll take on the Indianapolis Colts. You know, the same Colts that tattled on them to the league about deflating footballs. The same Colts they’ve trounced in epic fashion the last two times they’ve faced off. The same Colts Tom Brady and co. have been dreaming about ripping apart, limb from limb, for half a year now.

It’s going to be ugly on one side and marvelous on the other. Here’s to hoping you have Patriots players in your season long fantasy football league. But if you don’t, there’s still plenty more to like in fantasy football this week. Hit up my week 6 rankings to see who I like and who I don’t:

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