Every fantasy football owner is looking for the pick they can make in a late round that can become a productive member of their team. Those guys are available every year, but just as important as knowing which guys to take in that position, is knowing what guys not to take in that position. Today, I’m here to tell you about three guys that might being hyped up as solid fantasy football sleepers that you definitely do not want to take this year:

Running Back – Isaiah Crowell (Average Draft Position according to fantasypros.com – 87)

Although Crowell is listed at the top of the Cleveland depth chart right now, the second year player is not worth considering as a viable fantasy football option. Crowell is only on top of the Browns depth chart because of a lingering hamstring injury to rookie Duke Johnson. Reports from camp have stated unequivocally that Crowell’s play has been pedestrian thus far, and as soon as Johnson is healthy (which will be before the regular season starts) the starting job will be his. Combine this knowledge with the knowledge of how poor Cleveland’s offense is, and it is safe to say that Crowell will be a player to avoid buying in on this year.

Wide Receiver – Torrey Smith (Average Draft Position according to fantasypros.com – 103)

In order to understand Torrey Smith’s fantasy football situation, you have to understand his NFL team’s situation. San Francisco is a team with a lot of mouths to feed, and a lot of issues. First of all, how will Kaepernick play without the quarterback whisperer Jim Harbaugh there as his head coach, especially with some key offensive line pieces from last year missing? A lot of people (myself included) think that we are going to see an even more rough around the edges version of Kaepernick throwing the ball this season. I believe that Torrey Smith’s numbers will suffer the most from Kaepernick’s poor play. Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis already have a better chemistry with the quarterback, and there is no way that San Fran will be able to feed three receiving giants with their offense. Boldin and Davis are sure to suffer as well, but not as much as Smith will.

Quarterback – Carson Palmer (Average Draft Position according to fantasypros.com – 148)

A lot of people are claiming that last season was the best Palmer has looked in his entire career, and I probably wouldn’t disagree with that statement. But the fact is that Palmer only completed five starts last season, and Palmer has only played a full 16 game schedule six times throughout his 11 season career. Those stats are just un-ignorable, especially because Palmer is 35 years old. His body has taken a lot of wear tear over the years, and even if Palmers knee is 100 percent healthy as he’s been claiming, it will surely just be a different body part that gives out next time. I just can’t imagine trusting him to put forth a full season for my fantasy team.

About The Author Joel Empey

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