LeSean McCoy is a huge acquisition for the Buffalo Bills in 2015. The Bills now have a very talented running back that has never had too much trouble staying on the field and that is even with 300+ carries the last two seasons in Philadelphia. The Bills have pretty much platooned Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller the last five seasons. Both Jackson and Spiller have had injury problems keeping them sidelined for games. Needless to say, McCoy’s toughness isn’t in question and the Bills will test that again in 2015.

LeSean McCoy will see plenty of opportunities this season. That is based in part on the fact that Rex Ryan is a run first coach. He has been quoted on WGR 550 in Buffalo as saying, “We prefer to ground and pound it, we’re going to run it 50 times if we can on you”. That bodes well for LeSean McCoy if he can continue to stay on the field.

Another reason McCoy will see plenty of opportunities is the fact that the Bills just do not have a QB to speak of. Matt Cassel sits atop the depth chart and that shouldn’t change between now and the season’s start. Although that likely means lots of carries for McCoy; it also means that opposing defenses will play to stop the run and make the Bills attempt to beat them through the air. If the Bills can get the ball to the likes of Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods that would go a long way to opening up room for McCoy to work his magic. The Bills also acquired Percy Harvin and if he can stay on the field he is as explosive as anyone.

McCoy is a top-10 fantasy football draft pick without question. He has proven he can carry the ball 20-25 times a game consistently.  He may not be back to his 20 TD form as he had in 2011, but he will definitely be worth a top pick. It will be interesting to see if he can carry the load as much as he has the last two seasons, but he will certainly have the chance and in fantasy football sometimes you can’t ask for more than talent + opportunity. McCoy has both. Draft accordingly.

About The Author Harold Dean

Harold is a passionate football fan from High School and College to the NFL. No team is safe from his scrutinizing eye.