If you are in the select few fantasy football leagues which still hold drafts the week the NFL season begins you are at a major advantage. The reason being, how many leagues got burned by injuries after the draft was held? A lot, and it happens every year.

The fact is injuries happen, but having a later fantasy draft date can help eliminate drafting players who get injured during the preseason. Also, to all the players that did get injured, please take the time to recover before you see the field again, we are just fans of the game, you have your career to worry about.

Anyway, here are some last minute tips to consider if you are drafting this week:

1. Update Your Cheat Sheet

Please, make sure that your fantasy football cheat sheet is up to date, and your depth charts are in correct order. A lot of times fantasy football magazines come out months in advance, while the information is great, it is not current anymore. This is something people tend to look over, so be prepared. One good way to do that is to hit up BreakingFootball.com on a weekly basis, mock your drafts with the Draft Wizard and pay attention to the latest breaking NFL news. Roll it all together in your own personalized cheat sheet, and you’ll be ready for your draft.

2. Stick to Your Guns

A lot of times, we have to draft within the flow of the draft, which is fine. However, once I know what pick I have, I can start mocking around that position to get a feel for exactly how I want my first few rounds to go. If you have the tenth pick, but are set on going running back in the first two rounds, don’t panic when some star running backs get drafted before tenth, simply take the best available back at ten and when it comes back around you will still be sitting pretty.

3. Ignore the Distractions

Don’t be influenced by others. It is really easy to read an expert mock draft and want to replicate how they drafted. All that information you read is just a source to base your personal feelings around. You can never draft a player too early if you really want him on your roster in fantasy sports, so don’t be influenced by the masses.

That’s the outside distraction. Other distractions to avoid if you want an error free draft are getting drunk or multi-tasking during your fantasy draft. It’s not suggested.

4. The Long Game

Think about November, not week one. For example, if a high profile player is set to miss four weeks or so (whether by injury or suspension), that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t draft him. In fact, in a lot of cases it might just mean the value is too good to pass on. Sure, your team might be a little slow out of the gates depending on which risk you take, but if it plays out the way you think it will, you could have 1-2 serious bargains helping you to the fantasy playoffs late in the year.

These are just some small things to consider when having a draft the week the NFL season begins. Fantasy football is fun, don’t stress too much on taking this guy or that guy because he was injured the previous year, as last year means nothing in fantasy football and that is why it is so much fun. Enjoy your late draft, and thank your commissioner, as drafts should be held this week, not week one in the preseason.

About The Author Adam Funk

Adam is a sports enthusiast with a passion for fantasy sports and the analytic element involved. Adam follows all of the professional Pittsburgh teams and also roots for West Virginia. In addition to contributing to BF, Adam contributes to Fantasy Up, The Infirmary Report and is also a Diamondbacks team correspondent for FantasyPros.com. Catch Adam on Twitter @Bradley_DFS