So, you want to win a fantasy football championship? It’s often easier said than done, but there are absolutely some tried and true rules every fantasy league manager should live by. Anyone can get lucky in their draft, but making the right moves from start to finish can separate the lucky ones from the dominant ones. No set of fantasy football tips is fool proof, but these five helpful hints are a perfect starting point to get you well on your way to success in fantasy football:

1. Know Your Fantasy Football League’s Rules

Familiarize yourself with all of the rules in the league, and make note of any rules that may be different from ordinary rules. For example some people like to play with quarterback passing touchdowns as 6 points instead of 4, or some people will award bonus points to any plays over 40 yards. Once you realise what the rule differences may or may not be, take that knowledge with you when creating your personal pre-draft rankings.

2. Do Your Research

In your pre-draft rankings mark down where all the tiers of talent are. Inside tiers you should understand what the approximate projections for every player is, and factor your decision of how valuable players are by cross referencing projected points and tiers. Then while drafting take the top player available rather than fill your positional needs.

Note: Don’t be afraid to reach a little bit if you’ve got a feeling that a player is being undervalued.

3. Avoid Complacency

Every season there are a few players that fly under the radar and go undrafted in fantasy football, but end up showing their prowess immediately in the season, a la Victor Cruz in 2011. You can do all the research in the world, and have a perfect draft, but if you want to win a championship you NEED to do some work on the waiver wire. Stay on top of the waiver wire, and always look to trade up on your roster.

4. Trust Your Gut

Don’t abandon ship because you started 0-2. Fantasy football is all about match-ups, and sometimes you will get the short end of the stick. Anyone you drafted in the first five rounds give the benefit of the doubt. If they start slow trust that they are the player you did your homework on, and they will turn it around. If after 4 or 5 weeks they still haven’t started producing the way you expected, then begin looking for trades. The trades you make at this point of the season should have increased focus on winning immediately.

5. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket

You are going to want to make a fantasy football omelet. By that I mean you don’t want to have multiple receivers on one team in case their quarterback gets injured or has a bad game (I mean starting at once, having a handcuff is okay). Or rely on 3+ starting players in the same division that can all be wiped out in the same week by bad weather. Make a fantasy football omelet and cultivate a range of talent from different divisions, conferences, and most importantly different bye weeks.

About The Author Joel Empey

Joel is a fantasy football champion and enthusiast who loves to analyze statistics and has an addiction to sports, film, and television. Joel can tame a lion with a single look and on 7 occasions Joel’s tried to read The Lord of the Rings, but has fallen asleep every time. Catch Joel on Twitter @EmpeyJoel