Sources state that the Atlanta Falcons have released wide receiver Harry Douglas today. While Julio Jones or Roddy White were injured, Douglas was a productive wideout for the Falcons. However, he turns 31 this season and with new OC Kyle Shanahan in town, the Falcons offense will be going through Jones even more than it did in the past. With no reason to pay all three wide receivers, the Falcons have picked up $3.5 million in cap space by releasing Douglas. They now have over $30 million in cap space, giving them room to add in some free agents before the season starts.

Douglas posted a 51-556-2 line in 2014 and was the Falcons’ third WR since 2008. While 2014 was not his best year in terms of catches or yards, it was the first year that his catch rate went over 70%. If Douglas can build off his 2014 season, he would make a good bargain buy for many teams.

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