A recent announcement was made by the NFL that All Pro running back Ezekiel Elliot could face a 1-2 game suspension for an alleged assault on his former girlfriend Tiffany Thompson in July of 2016.

Here is where this gets tricky. Commissioner Roger Goodell has already been in hot water from the NFL Players Association and fans alike for what appears to be suspending players without any actual facts of any wrong doing (isn’t that right New England fans?) Here are the facts of the situation if you haven’t been able to follow:

He has been cleared by the City of Columbus City Attorney’s office due to “inconsistent and conflicting information across all incidents resulting in concern regarding the sufficiency of the evidence to support the filing of criminal charges,”. Four different witnesses have stated on the record that they never saw any form of assault by Ezekiel Elliot towards his girlfriend. One witness in fact, a woman named Ayrin Mason, who claims she was with Thompson on the day Thompson called police and accused Elliott of assaulting her. She even provided text messages that showed Tiffany Thompson urged her to lie for her. The night of the incident Ms. Ayrin Mason claimed she heard Ms. Thompson scream that she would “ruin your career” at Ezekiel Elliot as they left in a cab.

There are photos that the girlfriend posted the next day that shows bruises but Ayrin Mason stated she got into a fight with another female that night at the bar.
With all of this information at his disposal will Roger Goodell suspend a player for what appears to be nothing? My gut tells me he will suspend Zeke but it won’t come without a firestorm of bad PR on Social Media and with the NFL Players Association.

The Cowboys first two games are against the New York Giants and Denver Broncos, two of the best defenses in the league. If he does in fact get suspended for two I’m sure he will appeal and get the suspension down to 1 game, but that is still a huge matchup that he will be missing and it could have lasting implications for the rest of the season when it comes down to the division and possible playoff seeding. That’s a really big hit for a team and a player who has been cleared of any wrong doing. At this point all fans can do is wait to see what happens with the league, an announcement should be coming in the next few weeks, stay tuned!

About The Author Richard Gerber

Richard is a husband and father who has a strong passion for football. He is from Sacamento, CA where his playing days ended in High School but the love has always stayed. While he is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan he follows al teams and levels of football with the same passion. He is a contributor to DraftDiamonds.com and has been a guest on the "Shootout Podcast" based out of El Paso, Texas. He has also appeared on "From Under the Bleachers Podcast". He currently resides in Bitburg, Germany and hopes to become a pro scout or recruiter on the college level one day.