During Monday’s episode of the Carmen and Jurko Show, NFL Insider Adam Schefter explained that the well-rumored Dez Bryant video does, in fact, exist. Schefter also said that he has been working on this story since last September. Although he confirmed that a video does exist, Schefter refused to explain what the video shows and he was unsure if it will ever be released to the public.

The alleged video is said to show Bryant behaving “five times worse than the Ray Rice video” and if that is true, Bryant’s entire football career is in serious jeopardy. Rumors of the video have already stalled Bryant’s contract negotiations with the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboy’s organization does claim that no such video exists, however if they are wrong and this video gets released to the public – the impact on the NFL will be insurmountable.

With the NFL already under watchful eyes after domestic violence cases surrounding Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson, another case potentially involving a superstar talent like Dez Bryant could rock the NFL. The rumored video is supposedly expected to be released within the next few days – however, if Schefter’s word is true, the video may never reach the public eye.

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