The Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs was pretty gross. We knew it was coming, but it’s fair to say nothing could prepare us for a shutout in Houston, a total self destruction in Cincinnati and a missed 27-yard field goal in Minnesota.

Yeah, it was a wild and crazy weekend; one that produce four road winners for the first time in NFL history.

That won’t happen again in the Divisional Round of the playoffs, but the intensity only picks up from here and it might be safe to say we do get 1-2 road upsets. The field is down to eight and after a very bumpy first round for daily fantasy football action, it’s pretty tough to have much confidence in round two. Our logic was fairly spot on in terms of expecting the worst last round, but this second round could be even trickier with some of these games actually promoting some shootouts.

It’s a weekend of rematches, too, as the Panthers look to go 2-0 against the Seahawks this year, the Cardinals look to go 2-0 against the Packers and the Steelers aim to go 2-0 against the Broncos. Kansas City and New England are the only game where the teams meet for the first time this year, but it’s worth pointing out that Tom Brady and co. got absolutely worked by this Chiefs defense at Arrowhead a year ago. That spear-headed a dramatic run to Tom Brady and co.’s fourth Super Bowl title, of course, and this game being in Foxboro clouds things up even more.

That’s probably the main game where the defensive potential scares me, with the Panthers/Seahawks game also being a little sketchy. The Steelers/Broncos and Packers/Cardinals games, however, could potentially end up being shootouts if everything breaks just right. It’s the playoffs, though, so everything we expect could easily end up being the exact opposite. We’ll lean on logic the best we can heading into round two, though. Let’s gear up for another insane week of playoff action with a look at our Divisional Round fantasy player rankings:

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