What’s the best season of the year? Basketball season! But we’re here to talk about football stuff, not basketball stuff. If you came to this site seeking basketball information, then you just flat-out can’t read. Which also, presumably means you can’t read this, so you can’t be insulted. So there.

Anyway, if you’re interested in saving salary space on FanDuel in Week 1, come check this out, courtesy of our own Joel Empey. As for salary-savers on Draft Kings, I’ve got you covered right here. I’m assuming you’re gonna want to find a way to sneak as many Eagles and/or Falcons into your lineup as humanly possible, so you’re going to have to compromise a few spots. Not a big deal. Let’s take a gander at a few low-dollar QB options that can have you bathing in cash after Week 1:

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals ($6100)

This one’s all about the matchup. The Red Rifle and his Bengal friends have the pleasure of opening their season with the Oakland Raiders. Do I even need to elaborate? The Raiders suck, and Dalton just gets to lob ducks all day to A.J. Green. He’ll be totally fine. QB may be a position for which you’d like to pay up, but if you’re in need of a salary-saver, then it’s hard to top Dalton in week one.

Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans ($6000)

Targeting a rookie in his first-ever game probably isn’t the way to be going in a DFS fantasy football cash game, but if you’re looking for a cheap contrarian type play to throw into a tournament, Mariota may be worth a look. He’s likely not going to be a guy that ever throws a ton of picks, and he gets to take on a Bucs pass defense that ranked in the bottom-third of the NFL in points allowed to both opposing QBs and WRs. The upside for Mariota in Week 1 may have a limit, but he’s also a guy that may be able to sneak in a rushing TD for good measure.

Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals ($6500)

Carson Palmer, or Palmy (as I will call him forever), didn’t play in many games in 2014, but he performed quite well in the games in which he did participate. Assuming he’s good to go for Week 1, he gets a tasty matchup with a Saints pass defense that hemorrhaged yardage a year ago. New Orleans ranked 28th out of 32 teams in points given up to opposing QBs, and 27th in that category against WRs. Palmy, Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd could all be in for monster afternoons.

Sam Bradford, Philadelphia Eagles ($6900)

I mentioned above that you may want to try and squeeze as many Falcons and Eagles into your lineup, as that game seems like it’s destined to be a touchdown fiesta. Bradford seems like an easy way to get some cheap exposure here. Atlanta was terrible defending just about everything last season (dead last in total yardage against), which means the former Heisman winner should be able to have his way, provided he doesn’t shatter into one thousand pieces.

Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($6000)

What? TWO rookie QBs? Hell yeah, man. But before we talk about Jameis, let’s relive his most glorious moment:

Hoooooooooly crap, this will NEVER get old. I could watch it for days. And I might.

Anyway, Winston’s Bucs will be taking on Mariota’s Titans in the first week of the season, which could be fun. The Titans weren’t quite as bad as someone like the Falcons in defending the pass a year ago, but that doesn’t mean they were good, either. Winston has a special weapon at his disposal in the great Mike Evans, who could easily help mask any mistake Jameis makes (on the field, at least). I think Winston will toss his fair share of INTs this season, but he may enjoy a nice debut.

If you’re with me on any of these ball-throwers for DFS fantasy football in week one, consider tossing them (and a bunch of other dudes) into DraftKings’ week one $2 million game. Cuz, ya know, it’s $2 million dollars.

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