DFS fantasy football is already here with NFL preseason fantasy football games. Yes, they’re a thing. But we’re helping you get ready for the real thing, and that hits you in the face in week one of the regular season. To help you get ready, we’re going over each position and finding the top value buys based off of Draft Kings’ salary cap pricing. Here are the running backs:

Note: This information really doesn’t apply to season long leagues, so if you’ve yet to take the DFS plunge, we suggest you sign up already. It’s fun, bruh.

Joseph Randle, Dallas Cowboys ($5,900)

Randle is slated as the Cowboys’ top RB at this point, which is a low hurdle, given the other noteworthy backs in camp are Darren McFadden and Lance Dunbar. However, given the price differential between Randle and the true elites at this position (Jamaal Charles is $2,000 pricier), he could wind up being a bit of a bargain. He’s got a great offensive line in front of him, as well as an excellent passing game defenses will have to worry about. Considering I could probably rush for 100 yards and a score behind this line (and against the awful Giants front), I’d be remiss to ignore him here.

Ameer Abdullah, Detroit Lions ($4,000)

At this point, Detroit’s starting RB could be any of Joique Bell, Theo Riddick or the rookie, Ameer Abdullah. We know how awesome he was during his time at Nebraska, and he’s reportedly impressed plenty of folks thus far in Lions’ training camp. San Diego was no pushover when it came to stopping the run last season (14th), but are you really gonna shy away from a matchup with the damn Chargers? Didn’t think so. If Abdullah is the starter he’s got a good amount of upside.

Darren McFadden ($4,400)

I know what you’re thinking. Darren McFadden? Really? And I tend to agree. Hell, he’s already hurt! But hey, if he’s healthy, maybe he can do something! He’s gotta make the roster first, which is no small task. The Cowboys’ running back situation is far from clear at this point, so DMC certainly has a chance to assert himself if he can actually get on the field. We know Dallas has an awesome OL, so pretty much anyone they throw out there stands a chance at success. The Giants are a glorious matchup, and I’ll be casting a lusty eye McFadden’s way if he’s fit.

Tevin Coleman ($4,800) and Devonta Freeman ($4,300), Atlanta Falcons

This may well turn out to be a split-carry situation, which always screws stuff up from a fantasy perspective. On the bright side, there’s a chance one or both of these guys could find paydirt against the Eagles on MNF. Philly’s defense was as opportunistic as they came last year, but they still gave up yards by the boatload. If we have a surefire starter in place for the Falcons for this game, then don’t be bashful about plugging them in.

Shane Vereen, New York Giants ($4,200)

You get 1 point-per-catch on DK, which makes them pass-catchin’ backs a little more valuable. Vereen would certainly qualify as one of them pass-catchin’ backs. He’s gone from the Patriots to the Giants in the offseason. New York throws it to their RBs a decent amount, which could mean Vereen is finally the fantasy factor we’ve always imagined he could be. He’s just always had injuries or some other crap get in the way. He’s also a guy that can line-up out wide, which could help even more. The downside is that the backfield could get a little crowded with Andre Williams and Rashad Jennings also here. I’d be more comfortable deploying Vereen later in the season when we may have a better idea about what role he’s going to be playing.

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