Around 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 13th media gathered in Ashburn for a conference called by the Washington Redskins regarding the restructuring of their front office. As was expected, Doug Williams was the man of the hour, but not where most thought he’d end up.

It was assumed the former Redskins quarterback would become the newest in a revolving door of Redskins General Managers and would just be the public face for the Bruce Allen show; right job, different title. Allen ‘promoted’ Doug Williams to Senior VP of Player Personnel, a position doesn’t exist; in fact only two other people in the NFL have the same position title as Williams, both are the sons of the current team president for their club.

Doug Williams has been working with Bruce Allen since his days in Tampa when he hired the former Washington and Tampa QB in 2004, then again brought him into the organization once Allen arrived in DC. It’s no secret Allen loves having familiar faces under him that won’t out shine him, see McCloughan, Scot. Williams is a non-threatening force to Allen’s power within the organization which stands to reason that this decision was made before Scot had left his GM position.

Allen reasoned that Williams’ experience as a high school coach and high school athletic director along with his good character is what causes Williams to fit the position perfectly, again a position that doesn’t really exist, catching on yet? Allen also references a plan that Williams laid out in his interview with the team that included a promotion for a scout for the redskins by the name of Kyle Smith to Director of College Scouting, an actual position, but another familiar face son of former Redskins Senior Executive and longtime friend of Bruce Allen A.J. Smith.

So, let’s recap what we have so far. Doug Williams, who’s been employed under and never stepped out of line with Bruce Allen since 2004 gets promoted to a non-existing position under Bruce Allen that will include Williams in the room with Scott Campbell while Allen makes the final call on all roster moves, and the new Allen appointee promotes son of Allen’s long-time friend.

While the new handing out of titles would give the impression the Redskins seeming to have figured out a winning lineup in the front office and will finally run this team functionally, the question is still raised: What really changed?

Nothing. This is still Bruce Allen’s show, only now he has a yes man that will do Dan and Bruce’s bidding while they pull the strings behind the curtain. At the end of the day, Allen retains all power and hopes to have pulled the wool over the fan bases eye’s, but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, and it sure looks like Allen got exactly what he wanted.

About The Author Nathan Britton

Nathan is a rookie writer who's ready to break into the sports media world with Breaking Football. He's a passionate about the Redskins and the NFL as a whole, he loves the scouting process from watching film, to the combine, to draft day, for him "scouting season" rivals the regular season.