Derek Carr has sky-rocketed up draft boards over the last several months. Having older brother David Carr as a former #1 overall draft pick certainly doesn’t hurt. Nor does a stellar senior season and a growing need for quality quarterbacks in the NFL.

Still, with his rise (likely into the first round), there is much scrutiny that comes with Carr. Is he just a big name with big tools and major bust potential, or is he simply the real deal?

Player Name: Derek Carr

Position: QB

College: Fresno State

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 212 lbs

40 Time: n/a


  • Has a cannon for an arm
  • Able to fire strong passes in intermediate range and out-throw the secondary down the field
  • Has a clean, quick release
  • Makes quick decisions off the snap
  • Extremely comfortable in the pocket with little to no pressure
  • Displays excellent touch on lob and fade routes
  • Short to intermediate balls have solid zip and great accuracy
  • Vastly underrated athlete who isn’t afraid to take off or absorb some hits
  • Has sacrificed his body numerous times to make a play


  • Footwork is fluid when there is no pressure, otherwise it gets a little out of control
  • Can lock into his first read too early at times
  • Takes unnecessary risks
  • Can get lazy in his stance and throw off of back foot or without feet set
  • Has nice awareness, but sometimes allows defense to dictate his next move
  • Seems to think a little too much if he has too much time
  • Needs to utilize his fantastic touch more often on intermediate passes
  • Can put too much heat on short passes, as well
  • Can get a bit rushed when the pressure closes in on him
  • Benefited from his offensive system
  • Will need to prove he can operate under center effectively
  • Did not face elite competition


Carr surely has some flaws to his game and he’ll need to polish up his game in his first 1-2 seasons in the pros. With that said, he’s absolutely built to be an NFL starter. Whether or not he’ll end up being a franchise savior or an elite quarterback remains to be seen, but he has the size, arm strength and quick release teams love. If he can clean things up outside of that, he has a shot at being a special player in the right system.

I’ve seen some draft reports suggesting Carr has horrible footwork and/or poor accuracy. I don’t really see either. With any quarterback, both qualities are going to drop in effectiveness when put under duress. It’s pretty simple for Carr. His game comes up a little short when you get in his face. If you protect him, though, his footwork is cool and collected, and his accuracy is generally spot on. He’ll need some work before he’s a finished product, but it’s safe to say he’s actually a fairly underrated prospect.

NFL Player Comparison: Tony Romo

Draft Projection: First Round

NCAA Highlights:

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