With the recent acquisition of Matt Cassel, current starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys, Brandon Weeden, is now looking over his shoulder, as it’s expected that Cassel will take over the starting QB position in the absence of Tony Romo.

The Cowboys are saying that they will give Weeden the opportunity to be the starting QB while Romo is on the injured reserve, however, if he can’t use the opportunity to shine, Cassel will be there to take over the starting position until Romo’s return.

With the Cowboys having a 2-0 division record, they are in good shape, so bringing in Cassel offers a veteran presence to help out Weeden and the Cowboys while Romo is on the IR for the next two months.

Fantasy Insight

Dallas isn’t going to win a ton of games with either quarterback, and neither will carry much upside in fantasy football leagues, either. Joseph Randle is going to get a ton of work for the next 6-8 weeks, but you can probably safely ignore Cowboys quarterbacks until Romo gets back on the field.

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