Whether you had Todd Gurley and won your championship or you had Tom Brady and lost in the first two rounds, the season-long fantasy leagues have expired. 2017 was an exciting year headlined by some very unexpected players. The team you drafted, in most cases, was drastically altered. As you dodged and weaved around the injury-riddled season, it came down to one thing. As mentioned earlier, I just hope you had Todd Gurley.

Though the fantasy season is over, you don’t have to stop playing fantasy. As we all know through the commercials of a guy getting help from his Uncle Bobby, daily fantasy sites (DFS) are more than available to help with your fantasy addiction.

DFS plays are now becoming more and more tricky as the NFL playoffs arrive. Now is the time where anything is possible and all predictions are null and void, because anything can happen in a playoff game. This year’s Wild Card games have a lot star-studded players, along with enough lower-tier guys trying to prove their worth.

The NFC games are projected to be higher scoring, according to Las Vegas. I have a feeling though that the Titans and Chiefs game will end up being the highest-scoring game, followed closely by the Rams and Falcons. I’ll be trying to avoid the Jaguars and Bills game — the Bills especially. That has the making for a 11-8 final score. Then, the Divisional game between the Panthers and Saints could prove to be a run heavy game, making the clock tick more resulting in less plays from both teams.

Here I’ll be showing you my favorite FanDuel team going into this week. I’ll recap a little on why I like each certain player and to whomever agrees or disagrees, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

QB – Alex Smith – Kansas City (vs Buffalo) – $7,800 FanDuel

Tennessee and Kansas City’s defenses both struggle mightily. As a rule, I like the home team who is playing the worse defense. The players may not be the most sought after, which is good for FanDuel as you want to avoid the most owned players. We’ve seen Smith put up 30+ in a playoff game before. I like Smith because he’s a sneaky runner and can get you a rushing touchdown, along with deep passes to Tyreke Hill and possession receptions by Travis Kelce.

RB – Leonard Fournette – Jacksonville (vs Buffalo) – $8,100 FanDuel

A must-start in all of my FanDuel teams. Fournette is a great candidate for Rookie of the Year and will now be playing the atrocious Bills rushing defense. Blake Bortles is not an elite quarterback, as we all know, and the Jaguars will lean strongly on Fournette. A big day should await him in a game where the Jaguars defense should shut down Tyrod Taylor and Jaguars can run their way to victory.

RB – Derrick Henry – Tennessee (@ Kansas City) – $6,500 FanDuel

With how cheap Henry is in FanDuel, it’s very hard not to slate him as he goes up against a rushing defense that ranks in the bottom five. Along with the news of DeMarco Murray’s absence, Henry has the potential to reach 140+ total scrimmage yards. This game will be higher scoring than people think, and I see the Titans getting down inside the 5 multiple times. If Mariota doesn’t decide to run it in himself, Henry should couple his yards with a touchdown or two.

WR – Tyreek Hill – Kansas City (vs Tennessee) – $7,700 FanDuel

You’ll be hearing a lot about this game, as I stacked my team heavily in it. A hunch maybe, but I’ve watched enough football to make these educated guesses. If you have a hunch on a team, make the most of it and throw your eggs into the basket. It won’t always work, but sometimes it will and it has the highest upside. Hill is going against a very bad defense and he should find one long touchdown and finish the day with 5-8 catches for over 100 yards.

WR – Mohamed Sanu – Atlanta (@ Los Angeles) – $5,800 FanDuel

The Rams defense is playing very well. Aaron Donald will be getting pressure on Matt Ryan often, and Trumaine Johnson will keep tabs on Julio Jones all day. However, the man who’s on the biggest roll for this Falcons team should come through big again. While the Rams will be detailing Jones, Sanu should be able to find his way to the open field and make some big catches. If the Falcons are going to win, they’ll need a big day from Sanu and I like those chances.

WR – Rishard Matthews – Tennessee (@ Kansas City) – $5,500 FanDuel

It’s kind of a toss up between which Titans receiver I wanted here. Marcus Peters is back and looking good, so if he plans on shadowing Matthews all game, I’d quickly switch this to the $1,000 cheaper Corey Davis. Regardless, Matthews is Mariota’s man outside of Delanie Walker. Kansas City’s secondary, past Peters, is heinous. So Mariota should have a good day throwing and someone will catch those balls.

TE – Travis Kelce – Kansas City (vs Tennessee) – $7,700 FanDuel

Stacking the Chiefs two best pass-catchers with their quarterback is a gamble. Like I said during Hill’s recap, if you have a hunch then let it ride. If your hunch is a Rams blowout, then stack Goff with Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp. If you think the Saints come out killing, then stack them. I always try to be a little different so I’m stacking the Chiefs. Kelce is by far the best tight end in these games. I do like Walker a lot, but it just worked out for me to have Kelce.

K – Will Lutz – New Orleans (vs Carolina) – $5,200 FanDuel

Best kicker who’s playing at home. No more thought than that went into picking my kicker.

D/ST – Jacksonville (vs Buffalo) – $5,600 FanDuel

The Jaguars could easily shutout the Bills, especially if McCoy isn’t a 100%. Tyrod won’t be able to throw against this defense and Sacksonville will be eating Taylor soup this weekend.

About The Author Nick Faber

Nick is an avid fantasy footballer and avid sports follower from Detroit, Michigan. He hosts the Ten in the Head video podcast which can be found at