This has become quite the question as the daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry has really taken off over the past few years. For many years, season long leagues were the cream of the crop for sports fanatics and still hold a special place in our hearts, but you can’t ignore the growth of daily fantasy sports.

In daily fantasy football we have the ability to win a cash prize every single day, or week for some sports like the NFL. The principle is simple, you get a base salary to build a team with and compete against thousands of other people, all chasing the top prize. DFS also offers a variety of 50/50 leagues, qualifiers to bigger events, and smaller field tournaments to build a bankroll around. DraftKings has done an amazing job of advertising and partnerships to really grow their brand into levels many of us thought were impossible to reach.

On the other hand, season long leagues with your friends have that constant banter and trash talk throughout the week feel to them which is unmatched. In season long leagues, you have the ability to build a team throughout the season based on how you drafted. It is really nice to have a player like Le’Veon Bell on your side for the entire campaign and into the fantasy football playoffs. Season long leagues will also remain a fun interactive way to play fantasy sports.

The debate is which one is better for the player. In my opinion, the best way to handle this moving forward is, enjoy your season long leagues with your friends and colleagues. In the DFS world, try it out, it is a lot of fun and the ability to have a different team every single week is really exciting not to mention the prize pools the major sites are offering this year. Perhaps the best idea is to focus on your season long league for as long as you’re within reach of the playoffs. If your team is a total failure and you won’t make it, turning to DFS down the stretch can both be a lot of fun, and highly profitable.

There is also the value angle, where drafting a guy like Eli Manning (pictured) can go either way in season long formats. Drafting Manning for that one awesome matchup in a DFS game, though, could be massive and you don’t have to worry about using him the rest of the year. There is also the benefit of not being bogged down by injuries, suspensions and the like.

In closure, both season long and DFS offer a lot of fun for the user. Season long leagues should never be forgotten, however they have become overlooked in many circles. In order to get the most out of your personal involvement, you need to embrace the DFS industry as it continues to grows and keep your season long leagues intact, the personal feeling of winning a league championship against your friends will forever be a great feeling.

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About The Author Adam Funk

Adam is a sports enthusiast with a passion for fantasy sports and the analytic element involved. Adam follows all of the professional Pittsburgh teams and also roots for West Virginia. In addition to contributing to BF, Adam contributes to Fantasy Up, The Infirmary Report and is also a Diamondbacks team correspondent for Catch Adam on Twitter @Bradley_DFS