Hey, hey, hey! I’m going to do an article series on NCAA programs and their players in the CFL but I wanted quotes to go with it. So I emailed some schools and Eastern Washington is one of the first to get back to me and they let me interview their HC!

And thus the Club Rip Podcast was born (in my Powerpuff Girl announcer voice)!

Hopefully I’ll be getting some more interviews; if not, y’all gotta listen to me talk about football by myself.

I apologize in advance.

Coach Best and I talk EWU and how connected they are to the success of the CFL. Hope y’all enjoy!


About The Author P.J. Green

P.J. Green is a student-athlete and junior at Tusculum College. Green is an aspiring football coach/scout/player/media personality. Green has big goals but always wants football to be in his life no matter what. Please come at P.J. for funny hot takes.