Ever since Johnny Manziel‘s Heisman campaign at Texas A&M he has been a hot topic on and off the football field. On the field, the kid was dynamite; turning in highlight after highlight with some magic mixed in. He has the knack for doing the impossible over and over. What’s amazing was how routine he made it all look. Yet, with all his amazing plays and success on the field came the questions about his character; which, if you ask me, is as negative as his play is positive.

He’s not quiet about it. He flaunts it all. He’s not afraid to post it all to the world. The picturess with wads of cash at a casino. The pool party photos in Las Vegas with Rob Gronkowski. Just recently, a pic of him in the bathroom rolling up a $20 bill (like someone who does cocaine). These are only a few examples, yet the Cleveland Browns, the kings of drafting a QB-bust-to-be, drafted Manziel with all the red flags and warning signs right in front of them.

During pre-draft workouts and interviews, Manziel, to me, looked like he had turned a page. His pro day went very well and his interview with John Gruden on ESPN‘s “QB CAMP” looked extremely positive. All the right things were said; enough so that he convinced me he was ready to take the next step in a maturing process in becoming a professional.

However, more questionable photos and negative attention has reared it’s ugly face since the draft. It’s all a question of character. And to me, Johnny Manziel is acting like a spoiled little rich kid who is going to do what he wants, when he wants. He doesn’t care about standards and professionalism like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. It’s all about ME. That type of attitude doesn’t fly so well in the NFL and I think he’s going to find that out the hard way with teammates not playing for him and Commissioner Roger Goodell coming down on him with fines and suspensions.

The impact that Johnny Manziel can have on the Cleveland Browns and the NFL is completely up to him. He’s got all the talent and ability in the world but he’s not going to succeed at this level with the attitude he has. He’s so unpredictable that I could never even think of having him on my fantasy football team roster. My roster consists of guys that I’m confident will be available when I need to plug them in.

The Cleveland Browns knew what they were getting into and any claim otherwise is just absurd. Did they draft him with the attitude that it would at least put fans in the seats and sell jerseys while keeping the Cleveland Browns at the top of any google trending search? They already have their hands full with WR Josh Gordon right now and his off-the-field issues. Is Manziel going to create just as much of a headache and distraction come training camp and the season? I can only imagine how happy the Browns are that they won’t have the added attention of being on HBO‘s “Hard Knocks.” That could have been the tipping point to a dreadful season and a team starting over with a new head coach in Mike Pettine. This guy should be coach of the year just for what he’s already gone through.

My suggestion to Johnny Manziel would be to look at Brandon Marshall. If you remember, Marshall was a hot-headed cocky kid who had all the talent in the world but was often suspended, fined and in the dog house. Now, he has matured with the Chicago Bears and has taken a professional approach to football and life; exceeding expectations at both. It’s not to say that Manziel won’t succeed on the field regardless but it would be a great movie if “Johnny Football” had a happy ending.

*Photo Credit – Hazboy

About The Author Terrence Kirker

Die hard New York Giants fan and avid fantasy football player in multiple leagues and formats. Former contributor to NFLSoup.com and now breakingfootball.com sharing advice and picks for the past 4 years.