The Cleveland Browns are vying to sign veteran quarterback Josh McCown, with the Buffalo Bills also trying to sign the 35-year old quarterback who was released by the Bucs back in early February. McCown has had contract discussions with both teams already. While these are the two teams most interested in McCown at the time, what the market actually is for McCown remains unclear.

McCown has close ties with Browns’ new offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, who coached him back in 2007 when they were both in Oakland. McCown went 2-7 as a starter that year, but the two hit it off and they would love the opportunity to work together again. McCown was 1-10 with the Bucs last year, who have the first pick in the draft, which consummated their reasons for releasing McCown.

Josh McCown would serve as a mentor to Johnny Manziel, Connor Shaw and other young quarterbacks, if he was to join the Browns organization. Manziel is currently in a treatment center for possible alcohol and substance abuse issues, so a veteran presence like McCown would be an excellent asset for the Browns.

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