Rumors were swirling but it finally happened; Hamilton backup QB Johnny Manziel has been traded to the Montreal Alouettes. This trade reunites Mike Sherman and Johnny Manziel; Sherman was Manziel’s HC at Texas A&M during Manziel’s redshirt year. But this trade involves way more than Manziel.

Hamilton receives: DE Jamaal Westerman, WR Chris Williams, 2020 & 2021 1st round draft picks

Montreal receives: QB Johnny Manziel, OL Tony Washington, OL Landon Rice

Hamilton bolsters their DL and adds a spark at WR with Chris Williams; Montreal gets their QB of the future with 2 OTs to protect him with. Looks like a good trade for both sides since Hamilton will be contending for a playoff spot and Montreal will be trying to play their best ball while digging out of the gutter.

Manziel came in with the hype and the publicity, but the CFL community knew that he wouldn’t take Jeremiah Masoli’s spot — who has played very well all year. He now gets to be the guy for Montreal, who has struggled all year long with QBs Drew Willy, Jeff Mathews and Matt Schiltz as of this past weekend’s game. They still have Vernon Adams Jr. on the roster as well.

Hamilton’s pass rush has been one of their weaker spots this year, and Adrian Tracy being injured does not help. While he should be back soon, Westerman instantly adds to their DL and combining Westerman and Tracy’s play with an already stingy defense can propel Hamilton to lead the Eastern Division. Westerman has 3 sacks on the year and will add to inside pressure by Ted Laurent and Jason Neill. Chris Williams gives Masoli and Co. a deep threat to stretch the field barring he stays healthy. So far this season, Williams 283 yards and 1 TD on 15 catches.

But Williams has a tricky history with the Ti-Cats.

After a very good year with the Ti-Cats in 2012, Williams did not show up to training camp in 2013 stating, that Hamilton offered him a 2-year plus an option contract instead of a 1-year plus an option. Because Williams did not show up, the Ti-Cats suspended him. An independent arbitrator deemed the contract legal and binding. But the Ontario Superior Court of Justice overruled the independent arbitrator and deemed Williams a free agent in the view of the CFLPA. The CFL appealed the decision and announced that Williams could sign with any NFL team, but the Ti-Cats owned his rights for the 2014 season. Williams spent the next year in the NFL with the Chicago Bears.

Soooo, hopefully Hamilton will pay the man so this doesn’t happen again.

A seemingly good trade for both sides; it’s going to be very interesting to see how it plays out over the rest of the season.

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