Jim Caldwell is a tricky man. He suggested earlier in the week that Detroit Lions star wide receiver Calvin Johnson might not face the Buffalo Bills in week five. Now it is believed that “the expectation” is that Johnson will in fact play. Whatever that means.

NFL reporting has been so back and forth through the first four weeks of the 2014 season (or just always), and we’re here to try to middle man this thing out like a real janitor of sorts. The meat of this story is that Johnson will probably play, unless he doesn’t. There’s nothing here for Lions fans or league managers in fantasy football – except this: if you drafted Megatron, you have to play him if he suits up.

Are you probably going to get totally burned with another two-catch, 12-yard performance? Almost certainly. But who sits Calvin Johnson when Calvin Johnson is actually playing? No one should. Ever.

Some would be so bold, but usually when you sit a stud because he’s a little banged up or has a tough matchup, they seem to magically know you did this, and they pay you back by going completely the hell off. Don’t let this happen to you.

With that being said, here are two logical tidbits you should keep in your back pocket for week five. First, don’t guess if he’s playing or not. Follow the latest news feeds, check up on your main guys on Twitter and do whatever else it is you do to make sure your guys in your lineup aren’t about go give you zero’s. If he’s active, play him.

Second, and really about as importantly, if you play weekly fantasy football games at sites like Draft Kings, just don’t use him. Firstly, the dude is expensive as hell at DK and most other sites. They didn’t take into account his potential sackiness this week. If you want Megatron – like the Megatron that goes nuts – you have to pay for him. Big time. So, suck it up if he tears it up and just feel good about not getting burned by him. Because you used him last week and he burned you, right? Right.

Let’s take it one step further. Especially in DFS leagues, Golden Tate is going to be an awesome guy to chase. He is going to give you way more value and also let you construct a much more balanced lineup this week. With or without Megatron, that’s going to be true. Okay, that’s as far as we’re taking it. If you have more concerns this week, throw them at my face on Twitter @BreakingKevin.

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