It’s the time of year where your fantasy league has been renewed, and you need pick a name for your team. The days of naming your team the Cincinnati Crushers are over. You need to get creative with your team names nowadays, and there are already 3 other teams in your league calling themselves, “Show Me Your TDs”. Don’t worry, Breaking Football is here to help. Last week, we gave you some Thor and Fargo themed team names, but now we’ll switching gears and presenting some team-based themes as the season gets closer. Today I’m introducing our list of Buffalo Bills related fantasy team names. See all of our fantasy team names here.

The Bills are young and athletic offensively. Adding Sammy Watkins to the bunch will make them one of the most exciting teams to watch. Fans should be anxious to see what E.J. Manuel can do with Watkins and Spiller. Defensively, the team has an exceptional front seven, even with the Kiko Alonso injury. With so many talented players, the Bills are a fun team to name your fantasy team after. Check out our names below:

  • E.J. Owner’s Manuel
  • Brandon Spikes TV
  • Don’t C.J. Over Spiller Milk
  • Chandler’s Handlers
  • ManUel FC
  • Ham Sammy Watkins
  • BradHam And Cheese Sammy
  • Take Off Urbikini
  • Marcell The Shell
  • Sanborn Child
  • Super Man-Uel
  • Built to Spiller
  • All Thrill No Spiller
  • Dareus Intolerant

Got some Bills themed fantasy football team names of your own? Let us hear them in the comments below!

About The Author Tim Young

A former Wisconsinite, Tim Young loves the Milwaukee Brewers and Green Bay Packers. He offers his completely biased thoughts on the Packers here at Breaking Football, while helping out elsewhere as needed. Follow Tim @timcyoung on Twitter.