Vincent Jackson had a down year in 2014 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers appear to be rebuilding, so it was only natural for outside eyes to think the team would try to move on from it’s 32-year old star wide receiver. Not the case, per Buccaneers GM Jason Licht. The team instead will keep it’s core talent in place and may end up just asking V-Jax to restructure the mammoth deal he signed back in 2012. Jackson is schedule to receive nearly $10 million in salary for the 2015 season, prompting many media outlets to speculate he could be cut or traded.

Rather that cast aside their best offensive player, Tampa Bay appears determined to keep him in town, while building out the rest of the offense. For now, that’s great news, despite Jackson scoring just two touchdowns amidst erratic quarterback play a season ago. With questions still looming under center, Jackson might be a tough sell in fantasy football drafts this year. Instead, second-year stud Mike Evans could slowly ascend past him in the ranks – if he hasn’t already.

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