Josh Gordon has been in the NFL for about five minutes, yet he’s been suspended about 80 times already, it seems. He failed three drug tests in college at Baylor, and was suspended there, too. Wednesday the NFL announced that it has decided to uphold Gordon’s yearlong suspension for his third failed drug test in the pros. Gordon appealed the suspension, and the NFL took forever to finally render its verdict. It probably didn’t help that Gordon picked up a DUI during the time of his appeal.

This is obviously terrible news for the Browns, considering he and TE Jordan Cameron were pretty much all they had by way of pass-catching weapons. Brian Hoyer is destined to crash-and-burn as the Browns’ starting QB anyway, and this may just expedite the process. However, it’s not like this is going to help is successor, John Football, either.

In two seasons in Cleveland, Gordon has amassed 137 catches for 2,451 yards and 14 touchdowns while playing with crappy quarterbacks. You can draw comparisons between the relative innocuousness of smoking pot compared to Ray Rice knocking his wife unconscious on an elevator all you want, but the rules are the rules. Gordon being suspended for a full year compared to just two games for Rice is insane, but these were the terms the NFLPA agreed to in the last CBA. Gordon violated those terms, so here he is.

If you drafted Gordon in your fantasy draft with the hopes that he’d get his suspension reduced, sucks to you. Yet another reason it’s idiotic to conduct your fantasy draft prior to the end of preseason, anyway. FOOLS.

In terms of the Browns’ chances this season, Gordon’s suspension doesn’t really change a whole lot. With Hoyer at the helm they were going to suck regardless, so now maybe they’ll suck slightly more. Miles Austin, Andrew Hawkins and Nate Burleson are now their top three receivers, which will surely work out great.

Gordon will be eligible for reinstatement following this season.

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