The top running back on the market has agreed to terms with the New Orleans Saints. Yes, AP will be joining the Saints for the next two seasons. In a deal worth $7 million, Peterson joins a team with a strong offense, although they’re defense needs some work. Many expect the Saints to emphasize defense in this week’s draft, and they have the ammo to do so with two 1st round picks. The Saints will play the Vikings on MNF Week 1, a game which is sure to draw a big crowd. Now there is some concerns with this signing, however.

The Saints already have a top RB in Mark Ingram, meaning that AP will likely be reduced to a secondary role, or perhaps a complimentary role. Ingram had a career year last year, and will have his job secure for 2017. AP is older, and he has to learn a new offense, so putting him in a starting role would not be beneficial, at first at least.

Peterson is still the best RBs in the game in my eyes, but injuries and controversy have effected his career. Having Peterson on the Saints will help with third and short situations, and of course he still packs that speed boost with the power to match. He is still coming off an injury, however, so Ingram should feel fine with having AP on his team.

In the end, AP finally has a new home, but will not be the primary back anymore. Accepting his diminished role will be tough, after years of being the starter, but he will have to embrace it, and hopefully he has success with this team. All we can do now is watch and wait.


About The Author Patrick Cheesman

Patrick is a lifelong football fan. Born in the Cincinnati area, he loves the Bengals, but his absolute favorite team is the Packers. Patrick represents Breaking Football as a news and info correspondent.