Going into this draft I wanted to draft guys who were dependable scorers week in and week out, or guys with high upside later in the draft. In my perfect world I wanted to draft RBs early, but in such a deep league most of the impact guys went in the first two rounds. That left me in a position where I could either reach on RBs or get impact WRs at a good value. I decided to roll with the talent and take a flyer on boom or bust starting RBs later on. After that I tried to add the best players available. Here’s how it played out:


Round 1: A.J. Green (WR, Cincinnati Bengals)

With my first pick I just wanted to take the best player on the board. At the 8th pick that was A.J. Green. He’s a consistent top performer who will get his share of touchdowns as well as yards.

Round 2: Leonard Fournettev (RB, Jacksonville Jaguars)

I took Fournette here for many reasons. One, running backs were flying off the board. If I didn’t take one here I wasn’t sure how many impact RBs would be available by my next pick. The other, I think Fournette will be a top ten fantasy running back this year. Jacksonville has pass catchers to take pressure off him and the Jags improved their offensive line in the offseason. I expect he’ll put up strong numbers as a rookie.

Round 3: Golden Tate (WR, Detroit Lions)

Here I wanted to get a guy who was going to consistently put up solid points. While Tate might not have the upside that other guys bring, he’s always going to get a bunch of catches and put up decent yards. I expect him to get a lot of receptions this year, which means lots of points in our PPR format.

Round 4: Stefon Diggs (WR, Minnesota Vikings)

This pick went by the same logic as the previous choice. Diggs is going to consistently get catches and put up solid yards. With no running back on the board that I had to have, I decided to stock up my wide receiver group with dependable scorers.

Round 5: Ameer Abdullah (RB, Detroit Lions)

Here I finally get my second running back. Abdullah is a bit of a gamble, but if he can stay healthy then he’s got really good upside as an RB2. He’s cemented as the Lions starter and he can catch the ball out of the backfield as well as get red zone carries. High upside risk.

Round 6: Jameis Winston (QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

The quarterback run had already started so I couldn’t wait any longer. I’d been targeting Winston from the beginning and he fell into my lap here. He has a new batch of weapons to work with this year and I expect him to really breakout in 2017. I expect Winston will outperform a lot of the QBs taken before him and have an MVP type of season.

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Round 7: Doug Martin (RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

With this pick I was kind of hedging my bets. Martin will miss the first few games of the year and since I don’t plan to use him as a starter, that just means he’ll be fresh later in the year. That will be nice to have on my bench if Abdullah gets hurt again this year. So this gives me another guy with high potential waiting in the wings.

Round 8: Eric Ebron (TE, Detroit Lions)

Eric Ebron is another high upside guy. He’s going to get a good amount of yards for a tight end and his touchdown numbers can’t be much worse than they have been. Seems like he can only exceed expectations.

Round 9: Latavius Murray (RB, Minnesota Vikings)

You can never have too much depth at running back. This is especially true for me having drafted a pair of RBs who have injury history. Murray could win the starting job in Minnesota and give me a consistent performer on the bench.

Round 10: Tavon Austin (WR, Los Angeles Rams)

The Rams have a new coach and a few new playmakers to help take pressure off Austin. He has potential to get a lot of receptions and can even be a factor in the running game. We’ll see how this new offense looks, but I’ll bet on his talent at this point.

Round 11: Cameron Brate (TE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Brate is a guy who could see some time as my FLEX. He’s a great pass catching TE who Winston loves to look for in the redzone. Even with first round pick O.J. Howard taking his touches, Brate will still put up strong numbers.

Round 12: Breshad Perriman (WR, Baltimore Ravens)

I took Perriman here because this could maybe possibly be the year he lives up to his draft hype. Total flyer here. Nothing to lose at this point.

Round 13: Andy Dalton (QB, Cincinnati Bengals)

I needed a backup QB and Dalton was the best left. He has some really good playmakers around him and he should have a solid year.

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