The St. Louis Rams drafted Auburn running back Tre Mason to beef up their rushing attack. That doesn’t necessarily mean he was brought in to compete for current starter Zac Stacy‘s job. Head coach Jeff Fisher said shortly after the draft that Mason was more of a “change of pace” running back, and that he was being added to the backfield to help switch things up and to relieve Stacy of the pressure of a full load.

Fisher cited Mason’s zone running and the fact that his impressive college numbers “speak for themselves”. Fisher also admitted that aside from a plan in place to use Mason in a specific way (which we probably won’t know until August), Mason simply was “a guy we just couldn’t pass up at that point”.

While Fisher’s post-draft remarks echo into the Rams training camp now, it’s hard not to notice Mason is the better pure talent in comparison to Stacy, who is more of a north/south runner. Mason is easily the better receiver and more explosive runner in the open field, so there at least has to be a slight change he could edge out Stacy as the Rams lead runner in 2014. For now, though, it doesn’t appear likely. Mason is still a good handcuf for Stacy owners in fantasy football, but banking on anything more at the moment would be a bit foolish.

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