In case you’ve forgotten, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo underwent surgery on his back during the offseason, and missed countless practices during training camp in order to “rest” said back. However, even after surgery, backs have a tendency to act-up, and apparently that’s happening with Tones Romes at the moment.

According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas, Romo sat out of Cowboys practice on Wednesday due to tightness in that back. MacMahon also grabbed a quote from Romo, which says…

It’s gonna pop up. I’m sure it’ll happen throughout the rest of the season. You’ll see a day here or there.

As of yet there’s no indication whatsoever that Romo’s status for Sunday’s game in St. Louis is in jeopardy, but we really have no way of knowing for sure that he’ll be good-to-go. The Cowboys have been pretty sketchy with details about Romo’s health ever since the beginning of camp when they foolishly proclaimed that he was “100%”. What a crock of garbage.

Did Romo re-injure himself in the win over the Titans last week? If he did, this could potentially be catastrophic for Dallas, especially since Romo’s backup is Brandon Weeden. From a fantasy perspective, Romo’s first two games have seen mixed results, and I’m still not entirely comfortable using him as a starter until we see that he’s actually capable of putting up his usual numbers. The Rams have a lot of talent on defense, and it’ll also be a road game for the Cowboys. If you’ve got a viable backup, I’d probably use him over Romo this week even if he’s in the lineup on Sunday.

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