Martellus Bennett is a big man. He’s listed at 6’6″, 265. See? Big.

Kyle Fuller is a less big. 6’1″, 188, apparently. Fuller is also an NFL rookie, and we know how NFL rookies are treated by teammates from time-to-time.

During practice on Monday, Fuller attempted to strip the ball from Bennett, and Bennett fell to the ground in the process. It looked like Bennett took a pretty violent spill, but it doesn’t seem like Fuller really intended any harm here. Maybe he accidentally grabbed a bit of face mask? However, Bennett was an unhappy man about this. So, he decided to end Kyle Fuller completely. You can see the video here. It’s pretty awesome. Poor Kyle Fuller.

As a result of the kerfuffle, Bears coach Marc Trestman ended practice early and the team has subsequently decided to suspend Bennett “indefinitely”, as well as fine him an undisclosed amount.

Bennett has also been highly quotable through the years, as evidenced by having called himself a “black unicorn” back when he was with the Giants a couple of years ago. When asked if he was worried about being fined, Bennett responded, “I can afford it.” Boom!

Marty B. wasn’t present at Bears practice on Tuesday, though it seems highly unlikely that the team would suspend him for any meaningful game action. Basically, we’re writing about this because training camp is boring as hell and there’s nothing else going on. Plus, that was a pretty bitchin’ body slam.

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