This isn’t even just about plugging a product or letting you in on one of the coolest fantasy football tools around. It’s at least half about helping you avoid wasting your damn time. If you haven’t seen it already, some guy went viral after he tracked what happened when he went into a bunch of mock draft sites and ruined the mock draft right away by picking Tim Tebow and other players that have no business being taken early in drafts – let alone being taken, at all.

It’s funny that he went and did that and showed you the hell on earth that mock drafting can become. Check it out here.

The problem? There actually are guys who go and do that on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s even worse than someone just picking a kicker in the first round, too. Some guys will wait until the middle rounds, just when you’re starting to see how your draft might come together, and then they strike. It wastes even more of your time and suddenly a nice, helpful mock draft goes to hell.

It’s not a knock on mock draft sites, but a great way to avoid the mock draft ruiners that exit out there is to simply use’s awesome Mock Draft Simulator. Not only can you mock uninterrupted against a smart computer system, but you can also use your own constructed cheat sheet, use various ADP in the mock draft and mock against the top fantasy football experts’ consensus rankings for the 2014 fantasy football season.

It gets better, too, as this Mock Simulator allows you to prepare for you exact league size, your exact draft spot and all of the settings your league has. Even better? The mock takes mere minutes and after it’s done the Draft Analyzer delivers a complex and informative breakdown of your team. You can assess who you’re reaching for, what steals you’re getting and how your team projects going forward.

There are extra add-ons, but you can just start out with the Mock Draft Simulator to get your feet wet. Odds are, you probably won’t mock against annoying humans ever again.

Oh, and the more advanced tool with all the bells and whistles can even be attached to your live fantasy football draft, which means you pretty much have a virtual assistant right there with you as you make some of the most important decisions of your fantasy football season.

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