*stands up*

Hello, my name is Taylor, and I’m a Texans fan.

*crowd around says, “Hello, Taylor.”*

*I fall back into my seat, weeping*

As a Texans fan, I really don’t ask for much. Sure, it’d be nice if the greatest player in franchise history hadn’t just bolted for the arch-rival, but we can’t win ’em all, can we? For now, we’ll just have to settle for having a team with solid on-paper talent that plays in a weak division. That’s good enough for me. Maybe they can even sneak into the playoffs and get roasted by the Patriots!

Sadly, apparently even this was too much to ask, because Arian Foster hurt his groin last night. According to Talia Ganguli of ESPN, Foster was injured in the team’s first full-pads practice. Is it bad? Maybe it’s not bad! Oh crap, it sounds like it’s bad.

NOOOOOOOOO! Why?!?! This sucks so much. So, so much. There’s a minor silver lining here, as Jayson Braddock (???) says Foster’s season isn’t necessarily done.

Regardless, this obviously hurts Foster’s fantasy stock quite a bit. We’ll have to wait and see on what the exact injury and timetable for return are, but obviously he’s not going in the first or second round of your fantasy draft anymore. Unless you’re drafting with a bunch of idiots that don’t read the news. Hopefully, for your sake, you are.

Alfred Blue would seem to be the natural replacement for Foster. Blue did a decent job as Arian’s backup last year, highlighted by a 36-carry, 156-yard demolition of the Browns back on November 16th. Blue did average just 3.1 yards per carry, though, which is yucky.

Behind Blue, the only backs on the Texans roster are Jonathan Grimes and Kenny Hilliard. Perhaps Foster’s injury could force the Texans into making a trade for a more known commodity? Of the three backs listed above, the only one I can give any sort of fantasy recommendation to is Blue, just because he stands to be the de-facto starter.

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