The father of Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson has mentioned that he has heard rumors of three potential teams – the Colts, Cowboys and Cardinals – that are interested in signing his son. All three teams make sense that they would be interested in a player of Peterson’s caliber, and the rumors that Nelson Peterson has heard are relatable to the rumors that have been circling the league for the past few months.

The Cardinals had the opportunity to draft Peterson in 2007, but they chose to take Levi Brown instead. The elder Peterson believes that if they had taken Adrian back then, they would have numerous Super Bowls under their belt, especially back when Kurt Warner was still playing.

The Colts would also be an excellent team for Adrian, with star quarterback Andrew Luck and a great need for a legit running back; and the Cowboys have an outstanding offensive line that would enjoy the addition of Peterson.

With Adrian turning 30 this year, his window of opportunity to be a key player on a Super Bowl contending team is closing, so regardless of whether or not he initially wanted to remain in Minnesota, he may have to consider playing elsewhere if he wants to win.


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