Michael Vick is in search of a new franchise to play quarterback in 2014 and beyond. Minnesota would be that place if it were up to star running back Adrian Peterson.

Peterson promoted the idea of signing Vick via Twitter, suggesting that with Vick, the Vikings could once again be a playoff team in 2014. Peterson has already voiced his lack of interest in Minnesota drafting a quarterback early in the 2014 NFL Draft, and would clearly prefer the team to get better under center via a veteran signal caller.

That could prove to be easier said than done, however, as the list of quality veterans is fairly short. Even the guy Peterson is clearly high on, Vick, is injury-prone and at full health is still not necessarily a playoff caliber quarterback. The Houston Texans could make Matt Schaub available, while the Vikings could also consider free agent Josh McCown or bring back Matt Cassel.

Vick fits the Vikings on paper, as they have a stud running back and talent at the other skill positions. In fact, Vick’s arm strength would even fit new offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s vertical offense. However, Vick was banged up more than once last year and ended up losing his starting job with the Philadelphia Eagles to Nick Foles.

If Vick is willing to do a relatively cheap deal, the Vikings would end up listening to Peterson. Of course, there’s also the possibility they swing a trade for a talented backup like Kirk Cousins or Ryan Mallett, as well.

If Minnesota is smart, though, they’ll find the time to invest in a passing prospect at some point in this year’s draft, regardless of what they do at the position before May. There is enough interesting passing talent that they should pull the trigger on a quarterback in the middle rounds at the very least, while the possibility of a top-level talent like Johnny Manziel or Blake Bortles sliding to them at the eight overall pick has to be a situation they’d have to be prepared for.

Even with Vick or another veteran in place, passing on a passing talent like either Bortles or Manziel would be tough for the Vikings to do, whether Peterson likes it or not.

*Photo credit – Joe Bielawa via Wiki Commons.

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