Adrian Peterson seems to be looking for a fresh start, even though it is obvious that the Minnesota Vikings won’t release him from the final three years of his contract. His options are now simple; play for the Vikings, don’t play at all, or hope for a trade.

Teams will arrive this week in Arizona for the annual league meetings, and there will be plenty of opportunities for face-to-face discussions about any possible trade dealings. The Cardinals do continue to be the most likely destination for Peterson. Despite reports that the Cardinals won’t absorb Peterson’s current contract, comments supporting the potential move on the team’s official website make it clear that the Cardinals remain in play.

If the Vikings don’t get an offer that they like from the Cardinals, or anyone else, it will be possible that they tell Peterson to play for the Vikings or don’t play at all and return the final $2.4 million installment of the $12 million signing bonus that he received in 2011.

The Cardinals already have running back Andre Ellington in place as their starting running back, but his lack of size and durability has the team increasingly concerned he’s not the long-term answer. The Cardinals have openly admitted they don’t want to trade for Peterson at his current salary, but are otherwise interested in acquiring the future Hall of Famer.

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