NFL players are a crazy bunch. They seem to get in trouble all the time, and the more popular they get, the more under the microscope the media and fans put them. Johnny Manziel knows all about that, as his Johnny Football persona has catapulted his Cleveland Browns jerseys to the top of the NFL selling list, while the media seems to be catching his every move.

The bright side is Manziel hasn’t done anything illegal – or at least got caught for doing anything illegal, yet. Many others have, though, including his own teammate, superstar wide receiver, Josh Gordon. In the name of Gordon and all the other immensely talented studs that mess up, let’s reflect back on the past 14 years in poor decision-making.

Here’s a neat infographic you might find interesting, especially when you get into exactly how things break down throughout the league. You’ll see the man gracing our the photo above is none other than Michael Vick, the only player in the data to be arrested for dogfighting:

NFL Arrests

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