There are NFL games you can read about after the fact and you will be fine. The box score and recap are plenty sufficient for the game that was played. There are even some better games that you need to see on TV as it happens. But there are some others that you need to see. And when I say see; I mean buy NFL tickets, drive to the stadium, tailgate for a while, and experience the game first hand. If you’re a die hard pro football fan, you’ll probably agree these five games are worth traveling across the country for:

Week 2 – Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers

September 20th at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin will be the place where these two teams will meet. It’ll also be the place to be if you’re a Packers or Seahawks fan. This is a rematch of the 2014 NFC Championship game, and there is a very good chance it could be a preview of the 2015 NFC Championship, as well. What a great game so early in the season to gauge the direction the Packers and Seahawks may be headed. And if the game itself wasn’t enough, this is a night game at one of the most historical venues in the NFL. The sights and sounds of this game are bucket list material.

Week 6 – New England Patriots @ Indianapolis Colts

No matter what the judge decides, Tom Brady will be back for this game. This is yet another Championship game rematch that has so much intrigue and fanfare, and another Sunday night game. The Colts will see as early as week 6 if they have improved since January with some of the key additions they have made (Andre Johnson, Frank Gore). The Patriots will see if they can dominate the Colts the way they were able to in January. This game atmosphere will be absolutely electric, while Brady’s presence will do nothing but escalate the tension. Sitting in the stands will be the place to be when they take the field for this one.

Week 12 – New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

Yet another Sunday Night game, but don’t be content to sit and watch it on TV. This one is one for the ages in the cool November Colorado air. It is Manning vs. Brady one more (likely final) time. We could be nearing the last of these matchups. No better time than week 12 to see it face to face. Manning is the greatest regular season QB to ever play, while Brady is, one of, if not the best post season QB to ever play. They have met many times and Brady has gotten the upper hand, but I for one would love to see this matchup from the stands. There will also likely be playoff implications in this game, and that just adds more reasons as to why you want to go to this game.

Week 14 – Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers

This is another rematch of a playoff game in 2014. This game will have serious playoff implications and could determine first round byes or eve home field advantage. This game could set the tone for these two teams heading into the playoffs. Plus it is a winter game at Lambeau field. What a great atmosphere to watch a game and it is that much better that the game will mean something. The Cowboy’s window of opportunity with Romo at the helm is closing, so they are all in for this season. This game will be huge for them heading to the playoffs. The Packers are my pick to win it all so this is another game to show they are Championship material. Get your tickets and dress warm.

Week 10 – Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets

There are so many storylines to this matchup that make this a must see game for me. This game won’t have any playoff implications. There are no superstar QB’s matching arms and wits against one another. There are no storied players making a farewell tour that make this game intriguing. This game just promises to be a good, old-fashioned, dumpster fire. Rex Ryan’s return to MetLife Stadium with his Bills is must see live in the stands football. This is a Thursday night game that promises a rousing atmosphere that you would never forget seeing in the flesh. One can only hope that Geno Smith is starting for the Jets by then.

About The Author Harold Dean

Harold is a passionate football fan from High School and College to the NFL. No team is safe from his scrutinizing eye.