The Jacksonville Jaguars are a young team with a ton of potential. If you are a Jaguars fan this is probably the most excited you’ve ever been in anticipation of the regular season and Blake Bortles and co. might even have convinced you to buy Jaguars tickets this year. For all you Jags fans out there, here’s a list of the top 5 Jaguars games you’re going to want to go see live in 2015:

Houston Texans – Week 6

This is a very important week for the Jaguars as they are going to have to try to sweep division opponents at home if they want to finish in a respectable position in the AFC South. But besides this week being important it should be very entertaining. The NFL’s greatest defensive player (J.J. Watt) is coming to town and he’s going to try to rattle the Jaguars offense and sophomore passer Blake Bortles. It should be a very entertaining back and forth defensive game since Houston is entering this season with a lot of question marks on the offensive side of the ball, and the Jaguars have very underrated defensive play. You won’t want to miss this one, folks!

Buffalo Bills – Week 7

Going to a game in London is an experience I’ve always wanted to partake in. The atmosphere must be so different and unique from any stadium experience in the States. But on top of the one-of-a-kind atmosphere the match-up of the Jaguars and the Bills is an interesting one. Both teams are defensively powerful, with strong defensive minded head coaches, and both teams have the chance to have dynamic offensive play as well. This game will quietly be evenly matched in the offensive and defensive facets of the game. The difference-maker in this contest might come down to the special teams play… Wouldn’t it be super exciting if the game in London was won with a return touchdown, or a blocked kick!?

Tennessee Titans – Week 11

Jacksonville’s one prime time game this season, and it’s against a division opponent! And it’s at home! Besides all the excitement that comes with those intangible factors, the game should be entertaining as it will feature two quarterbacks who are trying to make a name for themselves and their teams in the AFC South. With Houston’s quarterback position being all over the place, and Indianapolis having solidified themselves with the best young passer the league has to offer, there is a lot of pressure on Blake Bortles and Marcus Mariota to develop into franchise quarterbacks, so their team doesn’t suffer like Houston has for years. Besides the young passers both teams have very young and promising running backs that will hopefully live up to their potential by week 11 this season. Jacksonville’s rookie running back T.J. Yeldon vs, Tennessee’s sophomore back Bishop Sainkey will be a very fun matchup to watch on top of the overall showdown.

Indianapolis Colts – Week 14

The final division home game of the season for the Jaguars, and it is against what will assuredly be one of the funnest teams in football to watch. Indianapolis trounced the Jaguars last year, but this season’s outlook for the Jags is definitely better than it’s been since Mark Brunell was in town. The Colts will act as a measuring stick to see how Blake Bortles compares to one of the top quarterbacks in the league, Andrew Luck. Bortles will be nearing the end of his sophomore campaign by this point, and will have had the opportunity to have developed chemistry with Julius Thomas, and the rest of the receiving corps.

Atlanta Falcons – Week 15

I can pretty much say for sure that this will be the last home game of the season for the Jaguars. Even if the Jaguars make the playoffs it is a fat chance they will take the division from the Colts and have any home games in the playoffs. But besides getting the chance to cheer for your team in their home stadium for the last time in 2015, this game should be a shootout. If I were to break it down at this point (both team’s outlooks could drastically change by week 15 when this game actually happens) I’d say that Jacksonville has the better defense, but Atlanta has the better offense. But Jacksonville’s offense matches up well with Atlanta’s defense, and Atlanta’s offense matches up well with Jacksonville’s defense. Hence, why I said this game should be a shootout. I feel like this will be a one-score game, and it will come down to the last drive. Seeing how Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson stack up compared to the seasoned veterans Julio Jones and Roddy White will be very interesting for Jag’s fans.

What Jaguar’s games are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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