The conclusion of the blockbuster deal which saw Philadelphia climb all the way up to the 2nd overall pick in the draft didn’t sit well with just the fans, but it didn’t get the approval from Eagles QB Sam Bradford either. Now just days before the 2016 NFL Draft which will see the Eagles draft a QB, more than likely Carson Wentz, Bradford has demanded a trade.

Despite the comments from Howie Roseman solidifying the fact that Bradford is the starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles, Bradford took it to heart as the team mortgaged off some of their future – a place where the team doesn’t see him as their QB.

If I’m Sam Bradford, sure, there’s reason to be unhappy, but I don’t think he’s dealt with this situation properly. First off, you’re set to make over $10M, what is there to complain about?

If you do want to be the starting QB for this franchise, or any team for that matter, you have to be a team player – especially at this position. The fact that he ‘knows’ he’s the starting QB and still wants to be traded due to them drafting a QB high in the draft says a lot about his demeanor. It doesn’t appear as if he’s willing to work with a young QB like Wentz, who is going to steal the spotlight. Bradford needs shut up, go win your job and be a good teammate and leader.

The Eagles brass had a plan in place entering the offseason. They knew they wanted to keep Bradford on board for at least a couple of seasons after a decent debut in Philly. He showed signs of flashes last season and signs of improvement. While the Eagles don’t view him as a long-term option, he definitely gives them the best chance to win football games right now. However, the staff had their sights set on acquiring their QB of the future hence the trade up to #2. Enter Chase Daniel, the perfect mentor, teacher and backup who fits the backup role perfectly – eventually behind Wentz.

The only problem with this plan is Bradford’s unwillingness to act as the temporary conductor. For a guy who has been notorious for staying off the field, you’d think he’d stay humble and thankful for this organization showing faith in him when no one else did. I could be overanalyzing a simple trade request, but I do believe this took a lot of people off guard and says a lot about his character.

If in fact Bradford does get dealt, check out some possible destinations below. Also check out why the Eagles and Carson Wentz are a great match.

Denver Broncos

As we all know, your Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos are still without a starting caliber QB. As much as John Elway wants to talk up Mark Sanchez, we all know he won’t be under center in week one. Whether the Broncos plan to draft someone like Connor Cook or Dak Prescott, they could still use someone more established to step in from day one.

Bradford would buy time for a Cook or Prescott to develop a bit more. He would also bring an instant upgrade as the starting QB in his reunion with Mark Sanchez. Replacing the combination of Osweiler/Manning won’t be too demanding of Bradford. He could come right in and see similar production in a weapon loaded offense.

New England Patriots

With the sudden news that Tom Brady will, in fact be suspended for the first 4 games of the 2016 season. There have already been links between the Patriots and a potential Sam Bradford deal, although it seems unlikely.

Patriots fans are ready for the Jimmy Garoppolo debut. Regardless, it looks as if the Patriots will pursue an experienced QB to fill the void and provide insurance. Bradford was the first to come to mind due to his simultaneous trade demand, however, a guy like Brian Hoyer seems like a more viable option.

New York Jets

With Ryan Fitzpatrick still unsigned, a new possible replacement surfaces in the NFL landscape. While I highly doubt Bradford could replicate the success of Fitzpatrick from this past season, he could at least sustain it as the other best QB on the market.

The Jets sit at #20 in the 1st round of the NFL Draft and some project Paxton Lynch there, but I feel like the team would rather not go with a project QB and instead take a player who could make an impact from day one. Thus, they’re going to end up either shelling out the money to Fitz, or perhaps seek a trade with Philly in acquiring Bradford.

San Francisco 49ers

You had to have known the 49ers were going to be thrown into the mix here. How did Sam Bradford land in Philly in the first place? Chip Kelly constructed that controversial trade for Bradford last year. Does he make another trade to get his man?

The 49ers were a team rumored to move up in the draft to secure one of the top QBs – something LA and Philly beat them to the punch at. So what is plan b? Perhaps a trade is in order where Kelly would trade with his former team to get his QB. Even with Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick already on the roster, Kelly wants a signal caller of his own. Or maybe, he’s willing to give Kaepernick one last chance in the NFL.

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